Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lisa Rinna done filming Days

According to Lisa Rinna's (Billie Reed, Days of our Lives) twitter account, Tuesday was her last day filming at Days.

It was my last day on Days of our Lives- tomorrow I start a new gig. Off we go!


  1. I wish they had not brought her back so I could remember her when she looked normal and could actually act. She was a phenomenal actor back then. Not anymore.

  2. Does she actually think her lips look smaller/better after reportedly "fixing" them? It's such a shame that she did this. I also wonder why she (like Halle Berry) never change their hairstyle! They have access to every stylist imaginable, but they never even tweak it a little (Joan Rivers was joking about Halle's same hair style on Fashion Police awhile back).

    I didn't watch Days when she was first on the show, so I kept scratching my head over this character. She's certainly likable from a public standpoint and also on the show, but this gig was an unfortunate waste of time. I'll bet she feels the same way. Remember, they don't write their own lines or pick their character's personality.

    I don't know what her next project is, but best wishes to her.

  3. Days never really gave her a real storyline anyway,she deserves better.Good luck to her on her new gig.

  4. She has beautiful eyes and a rockin' body but the mouth, the mouth..ugh..i don't care about Billie but LR will have my heart for being Logan Echolls's mother (not a good mother mind you but still the mother of my favorite tv character ever !)