Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kristen DiMera/Eileen Davidson video promo

I know a lot of you guys have been waiting a long time for this...


  1. Maybe it's just this picture but ED looks darn good without looking overly, shall we say, altered. No huge lips or perpetually startled expression. Good for ED for being able to resist the lures of too much botox and collagen.

    1. No she looks good, really good in real life but on Days lighting is awful..and the wardrobe well..poor Eileen Davidson not sure she will stay a long time..i bet she will come back on Y&R pretty soon..and i understand her..

  2. Eileen Davidson looks good for her age. You can tell that she takes care of her health. Anyone who surfs has to be in some good physical health. The lighting at DOOLS can be very bad at times. I have been watching her over the years and I feel she just gets better with time just like wine. Love you your work Eileen. I hope you win the Emmy this year.