Monday, October 15, 2012

Days video promo for week of Oct 15th


  1. If only they were OVER for GOOD ! But sadly i don't trust these awful writers..can Rafe DIE please !!!!

    1. I don't think Safe is over just yet.I really wish they were over but this writing team seem to love Safe and Rafe.This writing team are should have never been rehired,they are just horrible.Days ratings are getting worse.It really sad because its the only soap I watch but with this writing team I don't see Days lasting.They really need to make some changes.

    2. I know dear but i can still express my frustration, you will
      Y&R seems to get better, General Hospital although quite campy is entertaining for the most part but Days is an absolute boring mess..i despise these writers and their Hernandez pathetic pimping !