Friday, October 26, 2012

Alison Sweeney re-signs for another year

According to Jeff Probst's show's twitter account, Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, Days of our Lives) announced that she re-signed with Days for another year.  Jeff's show recently taped an episode about Days with several Days actors appearing.  The airdate for the show has not been announced yet.

BIG NEWS fans! taped today & announced that she's re-signed to play Sami for another year!


  1. Is it considered normal for one of the main characters to sign for just one year? While I'm glad, it makes me wonder if she's planning an exit. Of course, it always comes down to "show me the money."

    I consider Sami & EJ the main characters. Is that a correct assumption?

    1. Well it is an ensemble show to me, Sami is a core and main character no doubt but she is not alone.
      As for her contract, well with the state of this show right now i am not surprised she would only sign for one year, heck it could be the last year for Days after all moreover Sweeney is busy on prime time as a host so..she could be thinking of leaving i am not surprised but the one year deal..James Scott too signed for one year..

  2. Days of our lives wouldn't be the same without fan face Samu Brady.

  3. Days wouldn't be the same without fan fave Sami Brady.