Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yikes, ratings

Wow. All four soaps are down this week. Days of our Lives is also down from last year. You can see all the carnage at SON.


  1. It's no wonder. The show sucks.

  2. They just don't get it, or they choose not to. The bulk of the viewers aren't interested in Will's gay story line. Who wants to turn on a show & get lectured about implied hatred towards gay people? I don't care what adults do behind closed doors, but stop preaching tolerance when you (Hollywood) have none yourselves.

  3. Days of Rafe and Gaby's lives SUCK !!! It is womit worthy and boring, Gary Tomlin you should be fired right now. End of story.

  4. So today they lectured people who are anti-gay as being bigots. Wow. The state of CA, the most liberal of the 50, voted against gay marriage. Remember? Don't take it out on the rest of your audience. Most of us don't care either way, but shoving it down our throats gets tiresome. Is that why people watch soaps -- to get lectured?

    There's a term in psychology that docs use, which applies here: "the patient has no insight into his/her problem."

    Like the other poster, I don't care what people do behind closed doors, so don't label me. This soap has gone so far off the rails that it hasn't earned my time. GH, on the other hand, has.

    Why are you preaching to your audience, Days? Give it a rest! We aren't the enemy, so please lose the moral superiority. We also know that if you don't promote this stuff you'll never get hired in Hollywood. It's no secret. The funny part is all the closet conservatives in Hollywood. There are tons of them!