Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last week, I predicted Days of our Lives ratings would go down. Unfortunately I was right. The first two weeks after the Olympics were very good. But last week, it was obvious that the future of the show was going to be about EJ/Sami/Rafe and Jennifer/Daniel/Nicole, two triangles I have no interest in. I am glad Nick Fallon is back, but he didn't need to be onscreen for two weeks straight. So, Days is back in last place with General Hospital picking up steam. You can read the entire ratings breakdown at SON.


  1. It is getting terrible again

  2. The ratings for the remaining 4 shows tend to seesaw week in and week out and a variety of factors are the cause for such disparity in ratings.

    Days always bounces back. It is iconic!

    The pairing of Sami & EJ is very wise. They have amazing chemistry and look great together.

    Now on to Rafe:

    Rafe should be re-drawn or scuttled asap. Rafe unfortunately had no chemistry with Sami, Carrie or Nicole. It seems whomever he's been paired with made for a disappointing storyline and looked more like a bland, lukewarm bowl of oatmeal instead of a hot romance. Part of the problem is the way Rafe is drawn; he is irritatingly "goody-two-shoes." Perhaps if the character was drawn with more facets; i.e., a lover appears from his past and this is someone whom he has many unresolved issues with, which need to be addressed. Perhaps, Rafe's mother arrives in Salem at the same time and is an over-the-top, overbearing, ostentatious but doting mamma who feels strongly that her son would be better off with his former lover than Sami Brady. So they're various ways to make Rafe more interesting but as it stands now he is utterly boring and too one dimensional.