Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Phoenix rises again

According to this week's Soap Opera Digest, Joe Mascolo aka Stefano DiMera will return onscreen on August 22nd! Pick up this week's issue for the full details. EJ's paternity is also getting "fixed" thank goodness!


  1. the return of Days of our Lives.. love to see Joe Mascolo after so long. thanks for the information..

    1. so long ? Really ? It is just some months..not really heartbreaking to say the least.

  2. Well...WHAT A SURPRISE..while i like Stefano and Mascolo acting most of the time i hope they have some good stories for the character Stefano ( i doubt it actually these writers suck big time) and they let Ej being a bit his own man and a grey character and not a one-note villian Stefano's lapdog..if so i will not watch like many..

  3. I love Stefano, but really, how many times can he be resurrected. Did anyone even believe he was really gone for good anyway. It all seems pretty hohum IMO.

  4. Stefano lost his use back in the 90s when he became a joke. It has become beyond ridiculous now. I wanted Ian Buchanan to play a more realistic villain, but his character was a joke from the beginning. Sticking him with only Madison, who was too new for people to care about, and Kate who has sex practically every man she sees was a mistake. Ian should have been a more realistic businessman, who was corrupt, and then slowly reveal he was a villain. And not a cartoonish one like Stefano has become. Ian should have been secretly causing problems for more characters in Salem. But Stefano should have remained dead. And there should have been a real mystery. I have read some posts which think Marlena should have been the killer. I think that could have been a great story.