Saturday, August 25, 2012


Days of our Lives gets a big bump from the first week of eppies after the Olympics. You can read all the details at SON.


  1. yep this week in question was great (despite Jack's death..what a waste and the poor guy doesn't even have a real memorial..sigh) but the week after was horrible and boring (Hernandez crew : go away !) so i doubt ratings will stay good sadly..

  2. I think folks might come back to see if Jack is really dead. But when they find out that it is just a reset to the very stuff which got Tomlin fired, I expect worse ratings. Not everyone has access to the boards to know what is to come, and I never see SOD when I am at various Target stories, or my large supermarket. Both places would always have SOD at every cash register. So I think few people have access to it for spoilers.

    Hopefully the ratings are pathetic during September. The only hope for the show is if Tomlin is go ASAP. Because if not then DOOL definitely is gone, and it will end with him and his pathetic team in control.

  3. Shame on Melissa Reeves for tweeting, "At Chick-fil-a today (taking part in appreciation day at the located) Loved every bite of it." I have been watching Days since 1982 and being the same age as her I felt we have grown-up together and I have always LOVED her...till now! She is talking about family values... What a hypocrite! She aligned herself with a company thats supports hatred and bigotry. I hope you choke on that sandwich. It wasn't so long ago I remember her having an affair with a co-star behind her husbands back and now she acts like wife/mother of the year. Jennifer should have been in the elevator not Jack. I am so done with you. Again - Shame on you!

  4. I agree that the week following the Daysaster was just as bad is it could have been. I see Gary Tomlin heading back to his pets, Safe and Dannifer, which are too of the dullest, least inspiring pairs I've ever seen. I don't think the ratings boost will hold, and it shouldn't. The show is in the toilet, with Rafe and Dan as leading men. Those are two pathetic excuses for characters.

    1. totally agree; it is pathetic..shame on you NBC, Sony and Corday..with this writing move you can kiss goodbye to your show pretty pretty soon, a boring soap is a dead soap..buebye..