Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making of a Dayaster stunt clips


I thought the special effects were fantastic for the Days of our Lives Olympic cliffhanger episode. You can see the behind the scenes stunt clips here.


  1. Do you know what happened to Sheri Anderson's 3rd book and Bo and Hope's Love Story book that was up at Amazon? Are they still coming out?

    1. From what I heard Sheri was ready to go with the third book, but Corday never got around to approving her writing it. There's no book as of right now.

  2. Ah, I was really looking forward to reading "Scandal In Salem". I hope you will update in the future if you hear of anything. Do you know anything about the "Bo and Hope: A Love Story" book that Amazon had availiable ? I pre-ordered it twice! It's not availiable now, sadly. Is it ever coming out? Does anybody out there know anything? Thanks for the reply and answer.