Friday, July 27, 2012

To the crazy Jack fan...


I'm done. I'm tired of wasting time deleting your stupid comments. Go away. If you keep posting here, I will keep deleting them, so don't bother.


  1. I can see that clear feedback works well. Seriously, it's not like The Diva is running the show - why give her a hard time?

    -- Not THAT Anon

    1. Thank you!

      And this is the thanks I get from this spamming freak for interviewing Matt, and giving him a platform to speak unedited.

    2. Diva,

      We TRUE Matt/Jack fans thank you so much for your wonderful interview with Matt.

      Enjoyed it tremendously.

      It has been very disheartening to this fan to read all these "crazed" comments being posted since the interview.

      I'm sure it has thoroughly disgusted Matt as well.

      I know he mentioned he would be open to doing another interview with you very soon, but now I really fear he won't want to do that any longer due to this "crazed" poster.

      Certainly disappointing that one individual who obviously needs "help" has to spoil things for everyone else.

      Again, thank you so much for the great interview with Matt.

      And thank you Matt for your time and your openness about so many things.

      Certainly hope we get to hear from you again very soon :)

    3. Well said, i almost don't want to read this board anymore because of this is sad.

  2. Hey, I loved the interview. Thanks for conducting it. I'm not happy that Jennifer is sticking around and that Jack's getting tossed so that she can be paired with Daniel again (lame!), and I haven't been happy with the writing for her either, but, yeah, enough with the 16 posts in a row about how Jennifer sucks.

    1. Nicole is the one with Daniel not Jen ! lol Would you want Jack with Daniel's sloppy are not a real Jack fan..ha.

  3. Wow...Wow...OMG, what the hell is this all about? a) We're discussing a very, very long-running series that is dear to lots of fans, young and old. However, let's keep all of this in perspective; we're not discussing thoracic surgery or something as pressing and urgent as solving the riddle to unlock the cure for diseases.

    b) So a character is being written out! So what! The show has been on for ages and artistic and creative changes should be expected. Frankly, I've watched Days on and off since 1983 (I resumed watching after many years because my job is a telecommuting one & affords me the convience of working from home). I too have had favorite characters: loved Melissa Horton (I believe the actress who played her was Lisa Truselle) but it would be utterly ridiculous for me as a fan to expect that this character be brought back to the canvas merely because it happens to be one of my favorite characters from the past.

    That said: Wow, some of the above comments regarding the character, Jack Deveraux are scarey and weirdly narcissistic...

    1. Well, Jack being written out matters to me. I came back thinking I would get a good Jack and Jennifer story (and there was really great potential for one), and I got nothin' and now Jack's out. I'm not really interested in anything else. (Most of the characters are dull and without personality or motivation that I can understand.)

  4. Diva,

    You're welcome for the words of support. You more than deserve it!

    As for the-CrazyJackFan-formerly-known-as-Anonymous,thanks for the invaluable example of how to rationally convey a compelling point of view. I'm absolutely going to use your methods the next time I find myself in a difference of opinion. I will immediately fling my poorly punctuated ire on a neutral third party whilst making copious negative and unwarranted remarks about another third party. AT&T Mobile customer service, you've SO met your match.

    Jane, formerly known as not THAT Anon