Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Patrick Muldoon interview


Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed) did an interview with zap2it about Days of our Lives and his future plans. You can read it here.

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  1. Austin and Carrie are my favourite Days couple of all time so this is going to sound crazy, but I am glad they are leaving the show. The past 10 months have been so destructive to their relationship. Where was the romance? The love story? Muldoon returned after 16 years but we didn't get any classic flashbacks that they couldn't show when Peck was in the role. Why was Carrie written as a cheater again? These two, along with Bo/Hope, John/Marlena, and Jack/Jennifer, are so beyond love triangles and adultery. There was so much story to tell with these two that didn't involve a third party. I can think of plenty of sources of conflict that wouldn't have involved cheating (such as their struggle with infertility, the return of Alan Harris, Sami's jealous over Carrie's relationship with Will, etc.). I can't believe how excited I was this time last year...and how utterly crushed I am now.
    I hope Austin and Carrie return one day. Although I like Patrick, Austin Peck is the definitive Austin in my eyes now. I had been excited for the return of the original Austin, but the past ten months made me realize I prefer Peck.