Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days actors on Jeopardy clip


Actors from Days of our Lives appeared yesterday in clips as the clues for Jeopardy questions.  Featured are Kristian Alfonso, James Reynolds, James Scott, Joe Mascolo, Bryan Dattilo, Chandler Massey, Galen Gering and Christie Clark.


  1. Even on Jeopardy, they're STILL trying to shove Rafe and Carrie down our throats! I love Carrie, but I am glad she is leaving the show. I'd rather have her and Austin together and happy offscreen than broken up and miserable onscreen.

    1. Yep. I'm mad that the last few weeks of Caustin on the show is all about Rafe. They can't get one episode without him.

    2. And it will be worse with Gary Tomlin on board this summer..maybe no more Carrie and Austin but AGAIN self-righteous 'heroic' Rafe, again and again..