Monday, June 25, 2012

Clip of Kristian Alfonso on the red carpet interview


Gee, look who is in the background! lol


  1. Kristian Alfonso is still absolutely gorgeous after all these years...She looks amazing...
    What a beautiful woman and excellent actress...

  2. Background are Melissa Reeves and her husband Scott Reeves, really cute couple by the way (Scott is still handsome, he was so cute as Ryan O'Neil on Y&R for years, don't like as much his character on GH but he is still pretty pretty) with their daughter, she really looks like a great mix of both of them, really cute girl.
    Also there are Crystal Chappell and her husband Michael (loved him as Lawrence Alamain, he was so beautiful back in the day)
    And you can also recognize Chandler who plays Will on Days with Deidre Hall...and is it Anderson Cooper taking pictures with Chandler ? It almost look like him, lol.