Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sarah Brown's last day at Days


Sarah Brown's (Madison James) last day on the set of Days of our Lives is today according to her tweet:

Sarah Brown ‏ @sarahjoybrown

Last day @DaysofourLives for me! Has been fun bringing Madison James to life. Some great people work here & I've made some new friends! #JOY


  1. Is it ture tomorrow is Matthew Ashford's last day?

  2. Her tweet doesn't seem really enthousiastic..lol
    Her character was a dud (but writing and her having ver little chemistry with Martsolf are/were the major problems..) but she is a great actress, she deserved better than this character who was supposed to be a strong, independent woman but who at the end of the day just sexed up Brady Black..lame, if we want to watch porno we watch porno not soaps.

  3. She should have been Sarah Horton. Easy peasy to make it work. Sarah left Salem in the spring of 1991 with Melissa, and has never returned, unlike Melissa. She had been angry with Maggie upon seeing Maggie and Neil in bed together. So, they could have had it that she is still rather estranged from Maggie, and hence the secrecy over her return. As for the name, it could just be stated, like many people, she thought Madison James was more dignified a name for the head of a cosmetics company compared to the rather bland Sarah Horton. It fits better an eplanation as to how she and Sami were friends since during Salem's youth she lived with RoJohn who lived next door to the Hortons, and easily Sarah was there visiting, the Hortons and Bradys were close, hence the friendship. And she would be the right age because she was about 15/16 in 1991. She would be in her 30s now, with no need to further SORAS her. And actually since she was born in late 1981, there would not be much of a SORAS at all,

  4. And then I think by making her Maggie's as opposed to the stupidity that Doc Perv -- and why is SC still with this show and Matt is gone, and PR might soon be, the man is a one note actor, and the character a ungroomed, pervert. She would have real Horton roots, and it is not as though it matters since they only Horton male on the show, Will, is gay, she could have been paired with anyone.