Saturday, May 26, 2012



Days of our Lives pulls into third place mostly due to losing less viewers than General Hospital last week. You can read all the details at SON.


  1. Diva...

    Just read on that Joe Mascolo is leaving Days...Noooooooo!!!!!

    His character is one of the best antagonists in Daytime(& Primetime) history.

    He is 83 and perhaps he feels it's his time to retire?

    Bravo to Mr. Mascolo for bringing such a great character to life for the past 30 years!!!

  2. Anonym i have a scoop for you : the new/old writers will make him come back and rewrite stories which is lame imho although i love Stefano/Joe Mascolo..a come back from dead again story for Stefano is ridiculous, it is not like that they will improve their ratings, mark my words.

  3. Re: Anonymous' reply to my initial post:

    I love Days regardless...I've been a fan for years. I stopped watching between 1997 and 2007 only because I was preoccupied with work and really watched little to no TV and certainly was not going to record TV shows. I was out and about way too much for that. Then, in 2007, I took on a consulting position, was working from home, and was once again transfixed by Days. I guess regardless of all the changes, the shows' core theme is the same and those core families I loved watching when I was a teenager and in college and grad school are all still there which is extremely intriguing to me. I actually don't mind the changes in storylines. Sure, not every change is going to be great, but when a show has been on the air for 46 years, changes are inevitable and I think some changes are very necessary to ensure that the show evolves.