Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Molly Burnett leaving Days?


Mark Hapka (ex Nathan Horton, Days of our Lives) may have let it slip on twitter today that Molly Burnett (Melanie) is planning on leaving the show. Rumors have been circulating that she was planning on not renewing her contract in June.

Mark Hapka รพ @MarkHapka
“@Kbo322: @mollydollyy Should I have stopped watching #Days when @MarkHapka left?"No, but you should stop after she leaves :) :) :)


  1. Ugh...she finally leaves AFTER I stop watching the show? Damn my luck!!! Melanie has been a constant annoyance since Day 1. The fact that they've kept her around for almost FOUR YEARS is deplorable. Absolutely the stinkiest character in the history of Days of Our Lives.

  2. I disagree. I have watched for over 40 years and I always find her delightful and refreshing. She was good with Carly, good with Daniel and a great friend. She is a young woman with great beauty and a lovely personality who is sure to go far in the entertainment business.

  3. Well i disagree Alistair, they wrote stupid and boring stories for her and most of the time her character is/was too propped but otherwise she has a charisma, a quirky endearing vibe on-screen..and is just better than others for the lead young actress place on the canvas..But she is right if she go, she could try to go to better and bigger things than a dull, dying daytime time here you want to go Molly..i understand you.
    p.s : Days of our lives is 'kaput' if they let go dynamic actors and keep bland hair-models like Galen Gering imho..

  4. Sorry but Molly Burnett's acting style is not everyone's cup of tea. She is shrill and annoying in her delivery and way too perky. On top of that, Melanie was shoved down our throats and was featured way too much. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. to each his own Alistair, to me she is the most dynamic young actress on this soap and yes the writing of her character is bad and she is too much featured..not her fault, it doesn't change that she is a charismatic young actress unlike lot's of hair-models on soaps.

  6. "Charismatic" is certainly one word for it....Personally, I'd go with "grating". Yuck.

  7. To tell the truth, lately i have been finding her more likeable in a supporting role. She was great during Abby's delusional state and dealing with the younger set.

    What was difficult to watch when she was featured as the leading ingenue and had men like Nathan and most especially Philip panting after her. Her relationship with Maggie was warm and loving before the egg baby reveal, so why make them and the Tan Man all related when they have not shared a scene for months.

    One last thing, sort of off topic what really irked me was at the Horton Tree hanging when she and Dr. Tan Man were giving Jack the fish eye as if he had no right to be there.

  8. Sorry Alistair, there is another Molly fan in the room here. :)

    I always have been a fan of hers, but if I had to say one thing I'd say the writing for Melanie has been all over the map in four years' time. With the way Days is slowly sinking, I wouldn't blame her one bit for departing to try her luck elsewhere.

    She's already had guest appearances on CSI NY, True Blood and other shows, and I have no doubt she'd be snatched up by somebody come pilot season. Hell, I'm sure she'd come up with guest roles on three or four shows next season alone.

    For some reason people just love to pick on her. I'd love to know what the message-board haters will do if she leaves. Who's next to try to drive off a show?

    Just my two cents. Nothing more. :)

  9. Steve, I would LOVE it if Molly got a primetime show. Just get her the HELL off my soap!

  10. I am Kbo322....the person Mark tweeted.

    This whole thing makes me laugh. Let me give it to you from the beginning. I was scrolling through my tweets and noticed that Molly seemed upset that Jamar was voted off of NBC's The Voice. She said if he was gone then she'd stop watching. So, I tweeted back to her:

    " @mollydollyy Should I have stopped watching #Days when @MarkHapka left? No..cuz I'm a fan of the show & there is other talent.. ;) "

    ..and THAT is when Mark replied with what he said:
    " @Kbo322: @mollydollyy Should I have stopped watching #Days when @MarkHapka left?"No, but you should stop after she leaves :) :) :) "

    I don't think he meant she's leaving at all! It was just a response to something I said and WOW did this rumor fly. That cracks me up.. I started getting a bunch of tweets in response to what he I tweeted back to him...."That's how rumors get started! lol"

    All I ever heard back from Molly was a smiley face...but that was in response to what Mark said and she just included me in the tweet.

    I honestly don't think she's going anywhere. :)

  11. KBO, the behavior of some fans toward actors and actresses is simply appalling. I won't name message boards but some places devote too much time and energy to saying "get rid of so-and-so, I wish such-and-such would leave".

    Look, I'm all for freedom of speech and everything, but fine. State your case and move on.

    I got a kick out of your tweet and the response that it got. And my gut tells me she's not leaving either. But if she does, great for her. She'll get work in a hurry.

  12. Hey Steve, I completely agree with you!

    Why do the fans rant so viciously about various actors? Everyone has their favorites and still other characters may not be another fan's favorite. However, to rant and rave about a particular actor and then proceed to assail that actor in a very personal way is appalling. It seems like soap fans are always complaining; they're never satisfied no matter which characters appear on the canvas. I, for one, think all of the actors on Days are wonderful and give 100%. Bravo to the Days' Cast!

  13. BTW, in another interview about her Emmy nom, Molly didn't really comment on the rumors that she's leaving. It wasn't a denial.

  14. I'm not surprised, Diva. You do a great job with what you do and I bet you get bombarded from all sides.

    I would bet anything that the cast is under strict orders not to say a thing now. After the reaction the four announced cuts got... a reaction I don't think Days was truly prepared for... I bet the show is thinking "if we announce more cuts we're going to get killed".

  15. What's going on with Days? They've got so many people coming and going my head's spinning. They've really done some bone-headed stuff. Is it this batch of writers? It sounds like a lot of people were let go with the previous suits. I'm so ticked that they've screwed up so many things. I hope these characters will somehow return: Carly, Fay, Melanie, Lexie, Phillip, Stefano, Jack. Did Molly get fired? I was looking forward to seeing her real-life romance take to the screen with Chad.

    If Days is trying to lose all its viewers, they're doing a bang-up job. If this continues it won't be worth watching. At least I still have OLTL on Soapnet. It was a huge waste taking that off the air. It was the best soap of all.

  16. If Molly Burnett leaves, then I'm DONE with DAYS....She is the life of the show and a great example of what today's young lady should be.

    She's smart, beautiful, fun, compassionate and resourceful.

    As for Alistair, perhaps you're not everyone's cup of tea either. Acting is tough job...can't please all the people all the time.

  17. Hi there I'm from South Africa an I've just wacthed the episode where Carly shoots melanie *must say I'm very devastated because I'm such a big fan of melanie* she has her own unique life story which she protrays very well! Its sad to see someone with so much potential an who is so full of life suddenly leave the show "now that's a shocker"

    1. You are about 4 or so years behind what we are seeing in the US. You probably have 3 more years or so of Melanie.