Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ian Buchanan Out!

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Ian Buchanan's character, Ian McAllister, is being written off. You can read the story here.

Such a shame - I actually enjoyed his character. There are others I'd rather see gone.


  1. Good riddance!

  2. Disagree first anonym.

    Finally a new villain, Stefano (or Ej for that matter) being behind every schemes against the 'good people' of Salem is boring..BORING boring boring..his story with Madison and Brady was stupid and boring but Ian the character had potential..we should have seen a rivalry between him and a worthy adversary like Stefano or even some core characters like Bo and John, what a waste..Stefano being again THE viliain or Ej the pathetic young one-note vilLain will be a BORE and ratings will not up!

    Finally Iam Buchanan is a great actor, they so wasted him with lame stories and interactions but to get rid of him is a bad move, even more when you know they keep boring characters like Rafe and Gaby..can't stand this family..ugh.

  3. I think that he was let go like Sarah Brown and Matt because they were part of MarDar's tenure and Tomlin wants to end all they did. Supposedly GG told folks in Atlanta that he was safe with Tomlin returning.

    If the rumor is Matt then I would guess he was asked back because of pressure from NBC. The thing is would Matt want to return unless he had assurances and would Tomlin want to agree. This is the man who only wanted Matt back for Jack to commit suicide so his precious Danniifer would be accepted.

    Sadly, MarDar mishandled Ian. The character should have been involved with more people. It was stupid he was Madison's husband, he should have been her father. Another man from Kate's past, and more Kate the tramp sleeping with yet another rich powerful gangster. He should have been behind John's problems. Working to bring down Titan, and the di Meras; they could even have had it that he had a company trying to rebuild Afghanistan's infrastructure, but really working with Taliban and part of the drug trade. But not reveal it immediately. Instead make it seem like he was an honest and caring businessman. Then tying all the stories together.

    1. Good ideas for Ian storylines..too bad MarDar screwed up good potential for him and now with Tomlin come back (why..sigh) here we go again for some even more ridiculous stories where Stefano/Ej are the devil incarnate..what a pity.

  4. I thought the character had potential but the actor seemed to have only one facial expression. Couple the "only one expression" situation with the very lame story line that seemed to have nowhere to go and it was just time to move on without this character. Maybe the character can come back, when the writers have had a chance to become a bit more creative; if he does, I hope the Director asks for some emotion for the character.