Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daytime Emmy Noms


The Daytime Emmy nominations occurred today. Here are the Days of our Lives nominees:

Days of our Lives for best show.

Crystal Chappell for best lead actress.

Matthew Ashford for best supporting actor.

Younger actress: Molly Burnett and Shelley Hennig

Younger Actor: Chandler Massey


  1. So, so happy for Matthew Ashford! Must be bittersweet, though, because today is his last day on the set of Days.

    Hopefully the moronic powers that be at Days consider this news and rehire him!

  2. ^^ Don't hold your breath. TIIC at Days don't give a shit about good acting.

  3. well Emmys are a joke and if you read the entire list you just laugh, although Matt Ashford can be great..he did not have much material..well i guess there were the few scenes about good for him, he deserve recognition whatever it is even 'joke' daytime emmys, it is better than nothing i guess..