Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The Bay" gets an Emmy nom


Diva contributor Linda at The Bay event with Matthew Ashford

Congratulations to Gregori J. Martin and the cast of the online soap series, "The Bay" for their Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime Program category. If you haven't checked out "The Bay" yet, you are missing out. "The Bay" stars Days of our Lives actors Mary Beth Evans, Martha Madison, Matthew Ashford, Charles Shaughnessy, Jed Allan, and Lane Davies amongst other soap heavyweights.


  1. Congratulations to you Matthew Ashford I hope we will see you again soon maybe on General Hospital as Tom Hardy because Days of our lives does not deserve you anymore not your loyalty either plus the show is big mess now I think you are better off on another soap for now. I hope someday you will come back as Jack Deveraux as seen 1st run back with suits and snarky and sexy Jack back not pathetic Jack chasing that Horton bitch Jennifer she can have her pathetic Dannifer. Jack needs to be back on Days of our lives with new outlook and new life for himself without Jennifer in the picture or recast Jennifer not Missy Reeves she needs to be let go her Jennifer is boring.