Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's extraordinarily immature tweets


Today's Days of our Lives was pretty boring with the exception of little Johnny and Ej begging Nicole to take him back.

Well, they started the show with shirtless EJ. Ejami agree to be friends. Johnny! That little guy just made my day. #days

Johnny wants EJ, Sami gets him for her son. #days

Stefano wants Jope stopped from boarding da plane to Salem. #days

Chad complains about seeing 2 chick flicks with Gabi and Mel at the Pub. #days

Rafe and Nicole hear Ejami and Johnny, they take a peek at them. #days

Johnny tells Rafe he misses him. Johnny's curls got cut off, boo. Rafe tells Sami that Nicole is looking for an apartment. #days

The dude at the airport is bashing his own wife to Jope for no reason. He asks for their passports. #days

Chad tells Gabi that he has been dying to get her alone. #days

Ejami starts bashing Ricole to their faces. Aren't they all a little old to act so immature? #days

Nicole tells EJ he never loved her. Sami says Nicole got pregnant by Rafe on purpose. Nic says she doesn't know if she can carry to term.

Stefano's dude has the Jope passports. Agent Spencer appears to be at the airport with Jope. #days

Chad gives Gabi an extra key to his apartment. #days

Pot calling the kettle black all over the place with Ejami and Ricole. #days

That is just weird of Chad to ask Gabi to set a romantic scene in his apartment for Mel. eww. #days

Safe bicker about removing their rings and who moved on first. #days

EJ grovels to Nicole. He says sleeping with Sami was the worst thing he's ever done. Mmmm, not quite. #days

Spencer tells Jope to play along with him. The dude with their passports pulls a gun on them. #days

Gabi leaves. Spencer takes down Stefano's minion. Jope fills him in on the egg and the coin. #days

Sami's calling Rafe a hypocrite. Oh boy, I'm getting a headache. #days

EJ professes his love to Nicole about an hour after he kissed Sami. Nicole's crying. He wants a glimmer of hope from her. #days

Spencer tells Jope that they have an operative working on busting Stefano on stealing the pension money. #days

Chad stalls Mel, while Gabi actually does do his bidding. Weird and awkward. #days

Weird. Gabi fantasizes about Chad and Mel in bed taunting her. #days

Funny how Ejole is having a heartfelt talk while Safe keeps on arguing. #days

Chad brings Mel back to his place. Chad wants the night to be memorable. Mel says they are spending the rest of their lives together. #days

Oh man. I can't pay attention to Safe bashing each other. Rafe says he loves the kids. Johnny comes out again. #days

Oh thank God she's not coming back to #days.

Sami puts Johnny down again. Stefano hears that Jope has disappeared. Chelanie starts doing it. Gabi isn't happy. #days

Nicole tells Ej he will never change. Nicole says their break up is their happy ending. Rafe leaves Sami's apartment. #days

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