Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's "DiMeras don't give up" tweets


Here are Wednesday's live tweets during Days of our Lives.

Abe threatens Stefano if he is the cause of Lexie's tumor. #days

Chelanie in bed still. He wants to go to Chicago. #days

Gabi moons over a pic of Chad at the Pub. Will comes in. Gabi agrees to keep Will's secret. Rafe overhears. #days

Celeste and Cameron discuss Lexie at the coffeehouse. Celeste got a vibe touching her son's hand. Abby shows up. #days

Lexie tells EJ that there's no cure for her. Lexie tells him she has weeks to live. Lexie forgives him for running for mayor. #days

EJ tells Lexie that Nicole is pregnant. EJ tells her that Nic is saying Rafe is the father. Neither of them buy it. #days

Nicole walks into the hospital aka hallway complaining of pain. Daniel's there. #days

Ej hears Nicole screaming. Dan gets a room for her. She doesn't want EJ there. #days

Lexie tries to keep EJ out of the room. The nurse tells EJ that Nicole requested that he not be allowed inside. #days

Nic tells Dan she started getting pains when she saw EJ's name on a flyer to build a new playground. OK............. #days

Gabi tells Rafe the secret is that she has a crush. Rafe wants to know, but she doesn't tell. She asks how Rafe is doing. #days

Dan calls Rafe to come comfort Nic at the hospital. He leaves the Pub. #days

Celeste thinks her vibe is that it's not a coincidence that he's here to support Lexie. Cam's dad kept Celeste away from him. #days

EJ isn't happy to see Rafe going into Nic's room. Rafe joins Nic. She gives him a hug. #days

Cameron refreshes his coffee. Abby intercepts him. Cam tries to escape. They start talking about Lexie. #days

Gabi tells Will she will accept Chelanie being together. She mentions another photo shoot that day. Will has work to do for EJ. #days

Chelanie shows up at the Pub.Gabi doesn't look like she accepted anything. #days

Dan says he will sedate Nicole and run some tests. EJ asks Stefano to help him get in Nic's room. Stefano only cares about Lexie. #days

EJ threatens Stefano for not helping him with Nicole. #days

Gabi mentions the photo shoot today. Chad tells her the shoot is off, and they probably won't work together again. Gabi's devastated. #days

Daniel asks Lexie's doctor about her prognosis. She tells him Lexie has weeks to live. He wants to see her files. #days

Lexie gets more pain watching EJ and Stefano fight. She asks Stefano to leave. Stefano tells her she's a DiMera, DiMeras never give up.

Will joins EJ in the hallway. Will's job is keeping tabs on Nicole. Lexie's still upset in the flipping hallway. #days

EJ wants Will to hack into medical records. Rafe and Nic talk about pushing the baby in a blinged out stroller. #days

Nicole falls asleep. Rafe wants her to have everything she's dreamed of. #days

Chad tells Gabi that Countess W is reassessing their media campaign. He tells her about the Chelanie trip to Chicago. #days

Celeste gives Abby a tarot card reading. She sees Abby writing, and her Austin crush. Austin's not her future. I knew that w/o cards.

Lexie tells EJ she doesn't need family drama right now. EJ meets Cameron. Lexie wants to spend more time with Cameron. #days

Abe leaves with Cameron. Lexie and EJ hug it out. Stefano holds Lexie's picture at the DiMansion. #days

Poor Gabi is still living on top of the pub. No wonder she can't score. #days

Dan tells Rafe that EJ still insists on a DNA test. Nic starts dreaming about EJ and their baby. #days

Stefano smashes a glass remembering that he may have caused Lexie's tumor by Andre putting her in a tunnel. #days

Abe asks Lexie's doctor about the cause of her tumor. #days

Gabi comes back to Chelanie with a beheaded doll and a note threatening to do the same to her. #days

Celeste tells Cameron to stay away from Abby. There's a great aura of danger around her. #days

Nicole's dream has EJ turning into Rafe. She wakes up telling Rafe, "it's you." #days

Lexie is looking for Abe, then she starts feeling pain. EJ asks Will how things are going with the records. #days

Abe threatens Stefano in front of the doctor, EJ, and Will when the doctor tells him about underground fumes causing Lexie's tumor. #days

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