Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday's good riddance, time of your life tweets


Pretty good episode today of Days of our Lives.

Hope's nagging doesn't keep Bo awake for long. #days

Kate's banging on Sami's door. She says she's going to tear her head off. #days

Kate comes close to choking Sami, but unfortunately Lucas stops her. Kate lost Countess W. Sami's the new CEO and fires Kate. #days

Lucas thinks it's a bad idea for Sami to run the company. Lucas stops another cat fight. Party pooper. #days

Marlena is still pissed about John working for the ISA at the Pub. John promises Marlena that his job won't affect her. #days

Lexie told EJ her tumor is inoperable. EJ blames Abe, Abe blames EJ. I blame the lousy writers. EJ starts dialing for specialists. #days

Lexie's too cute. She's smiling to make EJ feel better. I am going to miss her so much. #days

Hope tells Daniel that Bo opened his eyes. So cliche. Hope says he's ready to wake up. #days

Sami offers Kate to take her old job at Mad World. Stefano owns a majority of Countess W. Sami asks what Kate did to make him mad. #days

Sami says "this is one of the best days of my life." Lucas tries to get her to stop gloating. Kate won't tell her what happened. #days

I guess Sami can start paying rent now instead of sponging off of EJ. Lucas leaves, he's pretty pissed at her. #days

Dan agrees to help wake up Bo if Bo doesn't show signs of distress. #days

EJ offers his help to Abe while Lexie is resting. He doesn't want to fight with Abe. He apologizes to Abe. They shake on it. Lexie sees.

Lexie tells EJ she loves him, and to not tell Stefano about her condition. EJ gets upset after she shuts the door. #days

Lexie wants to talk about her possible death with Abe. Abe doesn't want to go there. #days

EJ shows up and wants to see the kids. Sami says they are asleep. Her kids slept through a cat fight? EJ tells Sami about Lexie. #days

Sami hugs EJ. #days

EJ's upset that Lexie is being punished with a tumor. Sami tells EJ she's the new CEO of Countess W. EJ's pissed he wasn't told. #days

Kate tells Lucas Stefano took Hearth and Home which is odd since that was solely Kate's company pre marriage. #Days

Lexie says she's not giving up. Dr. Lexie would tell Lexie to plan. Abe says he won't lose her. She's crying. *sob* #days

Marlena wants Stefano dead. Stefano better watch out for Marlena and syringes. #days

Sami wants EJ to let her run the company. Oh, Kate signed over Hearth and Home. Dumb move. Didn't Kate learn from her marriage to Victor?

Bo wakes up. He heard everything she said. #days

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  1. pretty good episode FOR ONCE indeed.
    Ali Sweeney was awesome, really spunky and sparkly without being smug i like that..and the actress playing Lexie was great too.