Monday, April 2, 2012

Renee Jones quits Days!


In a total shocker, TV Guide posts an interview with Days of our Lives actress, Renee Jones who plays Dr. Lexie Carver on the show. Renee explains her plans to retire. And yes, Lexie will be killed off. You can read the full interview here.

As a Renee/Lexie fan, I am very sad for her leaving. But we wish Renee the best!


  1. well at least it was her choice..but a death..on Days well Stefano will make her come back from the death in a year (if the show is not cancelled at this time of course..) sure of that, with Renee Jones (if she wants to come back) or a recast.

  2. I will miss Renee, and Lexie! Renee is a class act all the way! I'm happy for her that she is leaving to do something she really wants to do and I wish her all the best. We'll never forget her or the impact she has made on Days over the years!

  3. Im sad to see her leaving Days ...