Monday, April 16, 2012

Patrick Muldoon in HuffPost list


Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed, Days of our Lives) was named on the Huffington Post's list of 14 teen idols from the 90s who should make a come back. You can see Patrick and the entire list here.


  1. it really shows how daytime soaps and in this case Days doesn't since he made his comeback on this soap this year and they talk about a 'come back' lmao..well Patrick try to come back on prime time, it seems mainstream press did not forget is your chance !

  2. While its always nice to see his picture, it really is a stupid article. They do mention he is on Days currently but say that doesn't count. Then they show other guys who have been on soaps in the past too. Since he's been cut maybe he will get a shot at a real comeback and stayback! Maybe on PLL, hook up w Abby?

  3. Good one with the Abby hook up on PLL sue ! lol