Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's "give up on Sami" live tweets


Here are today's live tweets during Monday's Days of our Lives.

Nicole sees maternity yoga classes being offered at the Square. Rafe overhears, said the paternity ruse is harder than expected. #days

Lucas questions EJ about having Sami live next to him in his apartment. #days

Brady sees Madison at the Pub. He realizes he made an ass out of himself at Ian's dinner. #days

Kate and Ian in his hotel room. He tells her he loves her and always has. kissing. #days

Stefano questions Jope on the paper they have about Bo. They play dumb. #days

Lucas taunts Ej with Nicole being pregnant with Rafe's baby. EJ wants to know why Lucas is concerned with Sami. #days

Rafe is trying to get Nicole to picture the positive. Nicole insists the baby is female. lol #days

Brady figures out that Ian is blackmailing Madison. I like Madison's hair lighter. Brady offers to protect her. He sats he's done w her.

Kate and Ian discuss their feelings after sex. Ian says he's finished with Madison. #days

Stefano asks if Jope retrieved the egg. They give different answers. #days

Lucas threatens EJ to stay away from Sami. EJ laughs it off. #days

Lucas catches Rafe and Nicole looking cozy at the Square. #days

Madison does damage control for Brady's drunken rampage at Ian's dinner. Reporter asks about Bradison/Ian relationship. #days

Ian orders room service for Kate. Kate has flashbacks of Stefano declaring his love for her. She says she made a mistake. #days

Reporter thinks there's going to be a collaboration between Mad World and Basic Black. #days

Lucas congratulates Ricole on their baby. Lucas tells them Sami will be back with EJ since they live together in the same building. #days

Rafe tells Lucas to give up on Sami like the rest of them have. #days

Ian tells Kate that they are meant to be. She gets dressed. She says she loves Stefano. #days

Rafe tells Lucas to focus on Autumn, not Sami. #days

EJ wants to talk to Nicole about the baby at the coffee house. EJ apologizes for pressuring her and his temper. #days

EJ tells Nicole that the baby means they are meant to be, and why is she throwing the chance away. #days

Nicole accuses EJ of never getting over Sami. #days

Madison says she helped Brady to make up for breaking his heart. Big whoop. #days

Hope thinks there's something in the egg. Stefano tells his minion that Jope will run off together once they give him the egg. #days

The minion tells Stefano that things aren't good in Salem. Stefano knows it's his wife. #days

Kate tells Ian that Stefano did blackmail her into marriage, but she grew to love him. Kate is afraid for Ian's safety if Stefano finds out

Nicole leaves the coffeehouse. EJ calls Sami and leaves a message that they need to discuss their future. #days

Brady kisses Madison and then propositions her. She asks why all his ideas involve sex. #days

Stefano finds out Kate cheated on him. He's pissed and breaks a glass in his hand. He says Kian's going to pay. #days

Hope opens the egg. #days

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