Friday, April 20, 2012

Matt Ashford wins award


Recently fired Matthew Ashford wins the Prism award for his character's, Jack Deveraux,PTSD storyline. You can see the pic of Matthew here. Why did Days of our Lives fire him again?


  1. So glad to see MATT Ashford has so many fans!

    Supporting Matt is the best his fans can do.

    Hoping he wins an EMMY, would be icing on the cake!

  2. You want to know Why Days fired Matt Ashford! I want to know who?

    Whoever is was is going to have alot of answering to do!

  3. I really hope they rethink the decision and keep Matt Ashford. I was pretty ticked when TIIC recast Jack and made him into a cardboard cut out, but I don't think I've ever been more disappointed and disillusioned with the show than I am now. They had a great soapy set up for Jack and Jennifer, further complicated by his PTSD, and they STILL haven't used it---instead they've been focusing on a bunch of nonsense. And now they're getting rid of Matt Ashford without even letting me see the story I was so excited to see? I think this puts the nail in the coffin with Days for me.

  4. Reading the site, it is a significant award, and encompasses movies, primetime, and music, and big name actors, & shows were nominated. It is to honor responsible presentation of mental health and addiction in entertainment. To bad NBC/DAYS does not think this a worthy story to further develop, and it is a shame, and crime, and detrimental that it was ended. Shame also for firing Matthew Ashford who was so wonderful in the scenes. The story was just beginning and needed to be played out.

    I really wish this gets some publicity, Matthew gets some publicity out of this award. DAYS needs to come off as incompetents, and shameful for not following through on a serious storyline which effects so many people, and which is topical with all our vets, who served for us, and are coming home to similar problems.

  5. days of our lives will loosed fans again and they will be canccel because they suck bad and they blam the actors when the writters suck really bad so bye fire all my farvorts i am going to make sure no watch this show again so when they get boot next year i will laught my but off so good bye days of our lives you will loosed becuse ever time you think you are head you in up in the same mess

  6. Why Matthew Ashford never won an Emmy for his harrowing portrayal of Jack Deveraux having a PTSD flashback in his wife's Jennifer's arms as she tries to rock him back to reality is beyond me...what's even more frustrating is those amazing scenes have now been removed from YouTube and and The Connotator/Devoted to Deveraux is no longer working [it says to go to YouTube and YouTube has screwed Entura & Sony Pictures over royally so the DAYS fans/viewers can no longer access the DAYS clips] and that makes no goddamn sense at a long-time DAYS (Summer 1987) viewer and a huge Jack & Jennifer fan [I really started paying attention when Jennifer Rose Horton knocked on Jack Harcourt Deveraux's office door at THE SPECTATOR in 1989, watching DAYS when I could as I was still a sophomore in high school--but I received a TV as a graduation present in 1991 & bought a VCR with birthday money so then I was able to tape DAYS and GUIDING LIGHT [and later, ALL MY CHILDREN] while I was at work. Sadly, only DAYS remains and I will hang in there until the last grain of sand drips from the hour glass, drooling over My Favorite Soul Healer, Vincent Irizarry, as Deimos Kiriakis; sexy A Martinez as Eduardo Ramirez; the delicious Stephen Nichols as Steve Johnson--and I remain ever hopeful that Matthew Ashford will return to Salem in whatever form as my beloved Jack Harcourt Deveraux--if the DAYS execs can treat him better than they have--with the dignity and kindness he so deserves--in the last umpteen years.