Monday, April 23, 2012

Last week filming for Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon


This is the last week of filming for Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin) on Days of our Lives according to Christie's tweet.

Christie Clark ‏ @Christie__Clark
@mycool44 @teamcarriereed it worked with ABC & I'm guessing it has to help. Thanks for support! This our last week filming:( sad #days


  1. As I suspected CC and PM will not be part of this big story which will be the cliffhanger leading into the two week Olympics hiatus. I figured that they, like J/J, will resolve their issues in one scene and then decide to return to Switzerland.

    Sadly their problems was more crap writing, and TIIC's obsession with breaking up couples and bed hopping, mixed in with insta-love and their obsession with GG.

    They really screwed up on Abby's obsession. Apparently it was meant to put in motion Cafe. It seems it really had nothing to do with Austin. I thought they should have had it not end in one scene. Have the news get out and it really hurt Austin, he is ostracized, losing his teaching position as well as Carrie. Abby then could have had to moral struggle to come clean or to hide her lies, protecting herself. Then it finally come out and she is the one who loses all. J/J then have to really deal with what happened. Jennifer realizing her actions contributed to Abby's issues. This could be a final straw and Jack's PTSD could have become full blown, and he have an emotional and mental collapse.

  2. They film 3 months in advance. Caustin could very well be part of cliffhanger

  3. When they leave, I leave. Austin and Carrie are my favourite couple, and they are the reason I started watching the show again last fall (I quit watching when they were fired in 2006).

    The writing this time around was TERRIBLE. Carrie was the victim of character assassination----totally gutted as a character! Austin was portrayed fairly well in character, but Carrie was completely ruined.

    Their mistake was redoing the Austin/Carrie/Mike triangle with Rafe. No Carrie and Austin fan wanted to watch that crap! Austin and Carrie are a goldmine---so many potential stories. The Sami/Carrie rivalry could have been reignited through Will's bond with Carrie and Austin rather than fighting over that louse Rafe.

    Writers need to realize you can still have conflict and drama with a married couple without resorting to third parties, cheating, and breaking up.

  4. Fuck Tomlin, Corday and NBC !!!!
    We want you to get rid of Rafe NOT CARRIE losers !

  5. We also want to get rid of Dan, not Jack... idiots, his PTSD was working, but they axed it because their precious Dannifer did not work. Why not, uh, you know, have Jennifer help Jack with his PTSD. But no, they backburnered then fired Matt, and Dan continues to be on in two stories and is being tested with Billie.