Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's tweets


Here are today's live tweets during Days of our Lives.

It's outdoor family day at the Horton Sq even though it's technically not outside with the Lumi family. #days

Billie asks to join EJ at the coffeehouse. Bope and Jarlena escort Bo to the Bope home that we haven't seen in months. #days

Bo wants to know what happened in Alamainia. #days

Jope still isn't divorced. #days

I love @KJAlfonso 's hot pink jacket on today's #days episode.

Billie's unemployed too. Billie annoys EJ by mentioning he didn't tattle on her to Stefano. #days

Will takes Allie to shoot at the basketball hoop. Sami laments her relationship with Will. Lucas wants a drama free day. #days

Jope tells Bo about the 1/2 coin. Bo wants 2 know how they found the egg. Hope tells him that Stefano turned them back into Gina & the Pawn

Lucas has a rule that Sami can't talk about people who upset her. "That's a long list," says Sami. #days

John tells Bo that Marlena's picture snapped him out of being the Pawn. #days

Billie and EJ discuss the State marriage. EJ's dripping with sarcasm today. Billie reminds him that Countess W is her company. #days

Will starts ragging on his mom for working with Stefano. Will asks Lucas about his fiance. Lucas tells him the engagement is off. #days

Will gets on Sami for ruining Lucas' engagement. #days

Marlena wants to leave Stefano alone because of Lexie's illness. Bo doesn't care. #days

Lucas tells Will to show more respect to his mom. #days

Sami tells Lucas about her childhood and how Carrie broke her finger and lied about. lol #days

John gets a threatening text about the coin. Bo's afraid that Stefano will turn Jope into Gina and the Pawn again. #days

Marlena says they should just turn over the coin. John disagrees. #days

Billie tells EJ she said a quick "Hail Mary" when he busted her with his papers. lol #days

My son just asked if Sami was pregnant again. lmfao! #days You can tell he watches #days

Allie's having a great day. She's getting a smoothie and mac & cheese. Will takes her away. #days

Sami tells Lucas that she's glad he's back, and they hug. awww. #days

Jarlena leaves the Bope house. Billie tells EJ that she's a good investigator. She wants to know if he's in or out. #days

A goon follows Jarlena outside the Bope house. #days

Billie tells EJ that Stefano tipped off Carrie on the timeline of the Basic Black money transfer. #days

Bo is ready for love. Hope wants to know if he got medical clearance. Some perv is watching from the window. #days

Jarlena at the Sq. Guy pulls a knife to Marlena's throat. #days

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  1. OH my..another bad news : the adorable twins playing Johnny booked a pilot with Zach Levy for Fox..I am so sad..they are one of few highlights on this the same time they deserve better than Days..They belong to Prime Time..but i don't want Adorable Johnny Dimera to go..if they go it will be again another reason, if not the finale reason for me to stop watching Days of Our lives..usually soaps are so bad at casting children but the twins were the exception..Oh sad sad sad..