Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Days plays musical head writers chairs again


No surprise to anyone that current Days of our Lives headwriters Darrell Ray Thomas and Marlene McPherson got fired. Both took down their twitter accounts down recently. What is surprising is the return of the two idiots who previously ran the show, Christopher Whitesell and Gary Tomlin. Tomlin was the former producer of the show who fired all the veteran actors. Chris Whitesell along with Dena Higley wrote a lot of the crap that Tomlin was producing. Why not bring back Higley and Jim Reilly's ghost while we're at it?

What an epic fail. Why not bring back Sheri Anderson who actually understands these couples and characters because she created a lot of them? Or why not bring in writers from a non-soap background to give the show a fresh look?

Oh, I don't need to be Celeste to see a major cast shake up in our future. Soap Opera Network gets the credit for breaking the news.


  1. Corday is too stupid for words.

  2. Days is doomed. Corday has shit for brains.

  3. It is very unfair to hurl insults at Mr. Corday. The man has the show's best interests at heart; it is truly a labor of love for him as the show was created by his parents. That said, what most fans fail to realize is that the "network" has the final say regarding all aspects of a show's production. Regardless of anyone else's opinion, the "network" is the "final arbiter" over the "writing" and "the storylines." Anyone who has experience working for a network will attest to that; the "network" dictates "writing." The following is very tangentially related and analogous to this topic and worth pointing out here to show fans just how the "network" holds complete sway over every aspect of all its telecasts: NBC's local affiliate in NYC is WNBC and one of its revered and longtime anchor, Sue Simmons, who has anchored the news since 1980, along with longtime co-anchor, Chuch Scarsborough, was let go. It was reported all over the NYC press that top Comcast-NBC brass in Philadelphia soley made this decision. That is just another instance of how controlling network brass are of their franchised telecasts, whether it is news, entertainment or sports.

  4. ^^ The shoddy treatment of Sue Simmons has nothing to do with Ken Corday's long track record of making bad decisions.

  5. You're wrong about that: the common thread is that Comcast-NBC makes all decisions regarding its programming, and in the case of Days, it's not Ken Corday whose word is final in dictating storylines and scribe changes, it is Comcast-NBC, and also in the case of WNBC & Sue Simmons, it's not WNBC whose word is final, it is Comcast-NBC.

    Case in point: in the 90's, a friend wrote for Another World and then was over at ABC writing for All My Children as well as for Good Morning America and 20/20. He said that ABC brass completely and unequivocally dictated what was to be written regardless of my friend's vision for a specific storyline or character. ABC executives actively vetted everything; they were omnipotent and held sway over all decisions connected with all of their broadcasts...

    A funny anecdote: While my friend was writing for Another World, he had envisioned how he was going to shape the storyline. NBC executives (and mind you...AW was a P&G production but P&G producers had no say really) called him and completely dictated the story to him. They wanted Rachel paired with Carl and wanted my friend to pen a romance which my buddy disagreed with but nonetheless wrote. He was unhappy having been forced to write that romance because it was not his vision for the show at all.

  6. "it's not Ken Corday whose word is final in dictating storylines and scribe changes, it is Comcast-NBC"

    In that case, kudos to Comcast-NBC for the Lorraine Broderick hire. Great move!

  7. So anonym you basically said that NBC has it hard for Galen Gering..right ? They clearly destroyed their leading lady character by pairing her with him no matter what for at least THREE long years and i am sadly not sure it is over.. (and it did not make the ratings better, mind you..) for Shawn Cristian and his Daniel character i kind of get it, Christian acted on a mini series which was a hit ratings wise for NBC quite recently but Gering, what is the deal with this 'non-actor'?! Even his reality tv show about him and his fellow soap stars was a disaster ratings wise ? So explain to me some business motivations..i don't get it..and networks are always about business and ratings.

  8. NBC is analyzing Galen Gerring's role a lot more clinically than you or I, as fans of the show, would. Personally, I feel that the character, Rafe is drawn as too agreeable a character and one who is too easily manipulated. However, NBC executives do not draw such a personal analysis at all; it's more about whether Mr. Gerring passes numerous litmus tests; i.e., "focus groups scores," "test audiences scores," "Q scores."

    A "Q Score" is defined in pertinent part as "a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of...a celebrity...used in the United States. The higher the Q Score, the more highly regarded the person is among the group that is familiar with them." And, the higher an actor's "Q Score" the more NBC can charge advertisers for ad time on a show in which that particular actor appears.

    Too, it is likely NBC executives elicited "test audience reaction" to Mr. Gerring's performances on the show. In addition, NBC executives likely elicited the opinions of "focus groups" concerning Mr. Gerring's appeal.

    Once all of the data is extrapolated from the various litmus tests; i.e., "Q Scores," "Test Audiences," etc., NBC's executives will make a decision whether a specific actor will be front and center on a specific show, which is the case here with Mr. Gerring. Although Mr. Gerring may not your favorite or my favorite, NBC has likely elicited data showing his "Q Scores" are high and that he tests well among "Test Audiences" and "Focus Groups."

  9. Really so why ratings are BAD with him front and center on the show ?
    Like i already said Christian already proved he can drawn ratings, Gering not so much..

  10. Cue the 2,647th "Ken Corday's Plan to Save DAYS" article on the cover of Digest next week!

    It's the same as the last one, except he'll just change the name of whoever he's throwing under the bus this time.