Monday, April 30, 2012

Patrick Muldoon's Concerts from my Couch

This episode also features Patrick's bandmate from The Sleeping Masses, Neil Ives. Apparently, this is a message to a woman who has scorned one of them... poor thing, she has NO idea what she's missing!

You can view the video here.

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Diva's 85th blogtalkradio show ready for playback/download


Diva's blogtalkradio show from Saturday night is ready for playback/download.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's tweets


Here are today's live tweets during Days of our Lives.

It's outdoor family day at the Horton Sq even though it's technically not outside with the Lumi family. #days

Billie asks to join EJ at the coffeehouse. Bope and Jarlena escort Bo to the Bope home that we haven't seen in months. #days

Bo wants to know what happened in Alamainia. #days

Jope still isn't divorced. #days

I love @KJAlfonso 's hot pink jacket on today's #days episode.

Billie's unemployed too. Billie annoys EJ by mentioning he didn't tattle on her to Stefano. #days

Will takes Allie to shoot at the basketball hoop. Sami laments her relationship with Will. Lucas wants a drama free day. #days

Jope tells Bo about the 1/2 coin. Bo wants 2 know how they found the egg. Hope tells him that Stefano turned them back into Gina & the Pawn

Lucas has a rule that Sami can't talk about people who upset her. "That's a long list," says Sami. #days

John tells Bo that Marlena's picture snapped him out of being the Pawn. #days

Billie and EJ discuss the State marriage. EJ's dripping with sarcasm today. Billie reminds him that Countess W is her company. #days

Will starts ragging on his mom for working with Stefano. Will asks Lucas about his fiance. Lucas tells him the engagement is off. #days

Will gets on Sami for ruining Lucas' engagement. #days

Marlena wants to leave Stefano alone because of Lexie's illness. Bo doesn't care. #days

Lucas tells Will to show more respect to his mom. #days

Sami tells Lucas about her childhood and how Carrie broke her finger and lied about. lol #days

John gets a threatening text about the coin. Bo's afraid that Stefano will turn Jope into Gina and the Pawn again. #days

Marlena says they should just turn over the coin. John disagrees. #days

Billie tells EJ she said a quick "Hail Mary" when he busted her with his papers. lol #days

My son just asked if Sami was pregnant again. lmfao! #days You can tell he watches #days

Allie's having a great day. She's getting a smoothie and mac & cheese. Will takes her away. #days

Sami tells Lucas that she's glad he's back, and they hug. awww. #days

Jarlena leaves the Bope house. Billie tells EJ that she's a good investigator. She wants to know if he's in or out. #days

A goon follows Jarlena outside the Bope house. #days

Billie tells EJ that Stefano tipped off Carrie on the timeline of the Basic Black money transfer. #days

Bo is ready for love. Hope wants to know if he got medical clearance. Some perv is watching from the window. #days

Jarlena at the Sq. Guy pulls a knife to Marlena's throat. #days

Molly Burnett on CSI:NY


Tonight on CBS, Molly Burnett's (Melanie on Days of our lives) episode of CSI:NY airs.

Diva's 85th blogtalkradio show this Saturday!


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glamour magazine's clips of Days actors


Glamour magazine was backstage at the Days of our Lives set. Video clips are now up of Patrick Muldoon, Galen Gering, James Scott, Molly Burnett, and Casey Deidrick. You can watch the clips here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's "DiMeras don't give up" tweets


Here are Wednesday's live tweets during Days of our Lives.

Abe threatens Stefano if he is the cause of Lexie's tumor. #days

Chelanie in bed still. He wants to go to Chicago. #days

Gabi moons over a pic of Chad at the Pub. Will comes in. Gabi agrees to keep Will's secret. Rafe overhears. #days

Celeste and Cameron discuss Lexie at the coffeehouse. Celeste got a vibe touching her son's hand. Abby shows up. #days

Lexie tells EJ that there's no cure for her. Lexie tells him she has weeks to live. Lexie forgives him for running for mayor. #days

EJ tells Lexie that Nicole is pregnant. EJ tells her that Nic is saying Rafe is the father. Neither of them buy it. #days

Nicole walks into the hospital aka hallway complaining of pain. Daniel's there. #days

Ej hears Nicole screaming. Dan gets a room for her. She doesn't want EJ there. #days

Lexie tries to keep EJ out of the room. The nurse tells EJ that Nicole requested that he not be allowed inside. #days

Nic tells Dan she started getting pains when she saw EJ's name on a flyer to build a new playground. OK............. #days

Gabi tells Rafe the secret is that she has a crush. Rafe wants to know, but she doesn't tell. She asks how Rafe is doing. #days

Dan calls Rafe to come comfort Nic at the hospital. He leaves the Pub. #days

Celeste thinks her vibe is that it's not a coincidence that he's here to support Lexie. Cam's dad kept Celeste away from him. #days

EJ isn't happy to see Rafe going into Nic's room. Rafe joins Nic. She gives him a hug. #days

Cameron refreshes his coffee. Abby intercepts him. Cam tries to escape. They start talking about Lexie. #days

Gabi tells Will she will accept Chelanie being together. She mentions another photo shoot that day. Will has work to do for EJ. #days

Chelanie shows up at the Pub.Gabi doesn't look like she accepted anything. #days

Dan says he will sedate Nicole and run some tests. EJ asks Stefano to help him get in Nic's room. Stefano only cares about Lexie. #days

EJ threatens Stefano for not helping him with Nicole. #days

Gabi mentions the photo shoot today. Chad tells her the shoot is off, and they probably won't work together again. Gabi's devastated. #days

Daniel asks Lexie's doctor about her prognosis. She tells him Lexie has weeks to live. He wants to see her files. #days

Lexie gets more pain watching EJ and Stefano fight. She asks Stefano to leave. Stefano tells her she's a DiMera, DiMeras never give up.

Will joins EJ in the hallway. Will's job is keeping tabs on Nicole. Lexie's still upset in the flipping hallway. #days

EJ wants Will to hack into medical records. Rafe and Nic talk about pushing the baby in a blinged out stroller. #days

Nicole falls asleep. Rafe wants her to have everything she's dreamed of. #days

Chad tells Gabi that Countess W is reassessing their media campaign. He tells her about the Chelanie trip to Chicago. #days

Celeste gives Abby a tarot card reading. She sees Abby writing, and her Austin crush. Austin's not her future. I knew that w/o cards.

Lexie tells EJ she doesn't need family drama right now. EJ meets Cameron. Lexie wants to spend more time with Cameron. #days

Abe leaves with Cameron. Lexie and EJ hug it out. Stefano holds Lexie's picture at the DiMansion. #days

Poor Gabi is still living on top of the pub. No wonder she can't score. #days

Dan tells Rafe that EJ still insists on a DNA test. Nic starts dreaming about EJ and their baby. #days

Stefano smashes a glass remembering that he may have caused Lexie's tumor by Andre putting her in a tunnel. #days

Abe asks Lexie's doctor about the cause of her tumor. #days

Gabi comes back to Chelanie with a beheaded doll and a note threatening to do the same to her. #days

Celeste tells Cameron to stay away from Abby. There's a great aura of danger around her. #days

Nicole's dream has EJ turning into Rafe. She wakes up telling Rafe, "it's you." #days

Lexie is looking for Abe, then she starts feeling pain. EJ asks Will how things are going with the records. #days

Abe threatens Stefano in front of the doctor, EJ, and Will when the doctor tells him about underground fumes causing Lexie's tumor. #days

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another video from Patrick Muldoon!

Patrick has posted another installment of his "Concerts from my Living Room" series. Patrick has promised to post a new song for every new 1000 followers he gets on Twitter.

You can watch the video here.

You can also follow Patrick on Twitter @MuldoonPatrick.

Another young male casting call


According to Soap Opera Digest, Days of our Lives is casting a recurring role: Rodney, a 21-28 year old gorgeous African-American or Hispanic male. He is described as "an edgy charismatic bad boy with a heart of gold and a mysterious past. He could be called a bit of a chameleon as he can acclimate to any situation and blend in with any social circles. Rodney's confidence makes him intoxicating to the ladies and intimidating to men."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last week filming for Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon


This is the last week of filming for Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin) on Days of our Lives according to Christie's tweet.

Christie Clark ‏ @Christie__Clark
@mycool44 @teamcarriereed it worked with ABC & I'm guessing it has to help. Thanks for support! This our last week filming:( sad #days

More rumored firings


These are rumors only! Rumored to have been fired from Days of our Lives include Josh Taylor (Roman), James Reynolds (Abe), Molly Burnett (Melanie) and Casey Deidrick (Chad.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ratings, Days back in 3rd


All soaps rebounded this week except General Hospital. Days of our Lives reclaims third place. You can read all the stats at Soap Opera Network.

Matt Ashford wins award


Recently fired Matthew Ashford wins the Prism award for his character's, Jack Deveraux,PTSD storyline. You can see the pic of Matthew here. Why did Days of our Lives fire him again?

Day of Days done, Days tour instead


According to the official Days of our Lives Facebook page:

Ask and you shall receive! NBC has heard your requests and we are taking our yearly fan event on the road! Instead of holding our event at Universal City in California, members of the “Days of our Lives” cast will be traveling to a few cities around the country. Dates and cities to be announced soon!

Nadia Bjorlin return to Days?


According to the latest Soap Opera Digest, the return of Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) is "imminent" according to set siders. Firing Matt Ashford, Patrick Muldoon, and Christie Clark to bring back Nadia is a downgrade if you ask me. I understand she has a lot of fans, but acting-wise, it's a massive downgrade.

Diva's 84th blogtalkradio show this Saturday!


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's booty text tweets


Here are today's tweets from Days of our Lives

Gabi and Will talk about him being gay. #days Gabi thinks Will being gay is her fault.

Chad gets more groupie treatment including a big kiss at the Sq. Melanie sees it. #days

Madison is mad that she's not getting the cover of a magazine. Brady overhears. Mad declares war on Sami. Brady says she's stuck w him.

Flashback of Bradison. Ian walks in. #days

Ej is pissed off with Stefano who is smoking a cigar. Stefano says he won't talk business in front of his enemy, Kate. #days

EJ wants to know why Stefano sabotaged him. Stefano says that EJ is not the man he thought he was. #days

Will tells Gabi that she's not the reason that he's gay. Gabi tells a story about another gay guy she was crushing on. #days

Mel breaks up the groupie kissing. #days Ian wants to talk to Madison alone.

EJ says he doesn't recognize Stefano either. Again, Stefano says Kate is dead to him. #days

Mel tells off the skanks. Chad loves women fighting over him. #days Will tells Gabi she needs her gaydar tuned. lol

Mel and Chad go to the coffeehouse that Will and Gabi are already at. Gabi wants Will to help her get Chad. #days

Kate tells Stefano that she always had his back, and the other parts of his body. lol #days

Ian tells Madison he loves her and always will, but he won't keep her in this marriage. #days

I think maybe Kate might be more upset about losing her companies than losing Stefano. #days

Will tries to talk some sense into Gabi. Is there a man shortage in Salem? Move on Gabi. #days

Madison thinks Ian is tricking her. Ian wants a quickie divorce. Madison's smiling like a butcher's dog. #days

Ian and Madison are having one of the most civil divorce discussions ever. She hugs him goodbye. #days

EJ wants to know what's in those files. EJ confronts Stefano about the pension money and fixing the mayoral election. #days

Gabi tells Chelanie about the girls all over Chad. Brady's drinking again at the Pub. Mad texts him to meet her in her hotel room. #days

Kate shows up at Madison's office where Ian is. She tells him that Stefano threw her out and took everything, including her clothes. #days

EJ flips out on Stefano. He tells Stefano he wanted to prove he was ready to lead the family. Stefano said he'll never lead the DiFamily.

*yawn* Gabi still going on about wanting Chad to Will. Will talks about how he grew up with Sami acting like Gabi is now. #days

Kate tells Ian that he knows about them, and that Stefano set her up to cheat. Ian tells her she deserves better than Stefano. #days

Kate points out that Stefano treats her like Ian treats Madison. Ian announces his divorce. Ian tells Kate he loves her. Awww #days

Bradison in her hotel room, she announces her divorce. Madison thinks Ian's being nice out of guilt, she doesn't know about Kian sex. #days

Stefano says Chad can lead the family. EJ calls Chad the "male model." EJ wants to know what Stefano is going to say to Sydney and Johnny.

Stefano tells EJ that EJ's failure is not his fault, it's Stefano's for not being careful enough. #days

Bradison hits the sheets again. They remember their disastrous engagement dinner. Madison accepts his proposal for real. #days

I can't believe Brady still doesn't know Nicole is pregnant. #lame #days

Kate tells Ian that she's pretty high maintenance. He offers her a job at Titan and clothes. #days

EJ leaves. Stefano takes out a paper, and says to himself with tears in his eyes, that EJ is not his son. #days

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday's good riddance, time of your life tweets


Pretty good episode today of Days of our Lives.

Hope's nagging doesn't keep Bo awake for long. #days

Kate's banging on Sami's door. She says she's going to tear her head off. #days

Kate comes close to choking Sami, but unfortunately Lucas stops her. Kate lost Countess W. Sami's the new CEO and fires Kate. #days

Lucas thinks it's a bad idea for Sami to run the company. Lucas stops another cat fight. Party pooper. #days

Marlena is still pissed about John working for the ISA at the Pub. John promises Marlena that his job won't affect her. #days

Lexie told EJ her tumor is inoperable. EJ blames Abe, Abe blames EJ. I blame the lousy writers. EJ starts dialing for specialists. #days

Lexie's too cute. She's smiling to make EJ feel better. I am going to miss her so much. #days

Hope tells Daniel that Bo opened his eyes. So cliche. Hope says he's ready to wake up. #days

Sami offers Kate to take her old job at Mad World. Stefano owns a majority of Countess W. Sami asks what Kate did to make him mad. #days

Sami says "this is one of the best days of my life." Lucas tries to get her to stop gloating. Kate won't tell her what happened. #days

I guess Sami can start paying rent now instead of sponging off of EJ. Lucas leaves, he's pretty pissed at her. #days

Dan agrees to help wake up Bo if Bo doesn't show signs of distress. #days

EJ offers his help to Abe while Lexie is resting. He doesn't want to fight with Abe. He apologizes to Abe. They shake on it. Lexie sees.

Lexie tells EJ she loves him, and to not tell Stefano about her condition. EJ gets upset after she shuts the door. #days

Lexie wants to talk about her possible death with Abe. Abe doesn't want to go there. #days

EJ shows up and wants to see the kids. Sami says they are asleep. Her kids slept through a cat fight? EJ tells Sami about Lexie. #days

Sami hugs EJ. #days

EJ's upset that Lexie is being punished with a tumor. Sami tells EJ she's the new CEO of Countess W. EJ's pissed he wasn't told. #days

Kate tells Lucas Stefano took Hearth and Home which is odd since that was solely Kate's company pre marriage. #Days

Lexie says she's not giving up. Dr. Lexie would tell Lexie to plan. Abe says he won't lose her. She's crying. *sob* #days

Marlena wants Stefano dead. Stefano better watch out for Marlena and syringes. #days

Sami wants EJ to let her run the company. Oh, Kate signed over Hearth and Home. Dumb move. Didn't Kate learn from her marriage to Victor?

Bo wakes up. He heard everything she said. #days

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After firing vets, Days creates new characters


It's deja vu all over again. After firing three beloved veteran actors from Days of our Lives, the new idiots-in-charge headwriters Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell are busy creating new characters that we are all probably going to hate. Click here to read about the character of "Drew" that is being created. Yes, it could be Andrew Donovan, but who knows? Charles Shaughnessy is already done filming, and Patsy Pease was not brought back at all. Days has tried this concept of firing vets and hiring non-vets, and it's always a miserable failure, for example, Madison James. It is further confirmation to me that Days, NBC, and the new/old writers have no clue what they are doing and don't care what the fans want.

Chat with Patrick Muldoon canceled


Due to scheduling conflicts, our blogtalkradio chat with Patrick Muldoon has been canceled. We will reschedule with Patrick at a later date. Sorry!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Patrick Muldoon in HuffPost list


Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed, Days of our Lives) was named on the Huffington Post's list of 14 teen idols from the 90s who should make a come back. You can see Patrick and the entire list here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ratings disaster


All soaps down for the week. Days of our Lives falls to last place. You can read all the nasty details at Soap Opera Network.

Diva chats with Patrick Muldoon!


The Diva chats with Days of our Lives actor, Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed) on our blogtalkradio show, Wednesday at 10 pm est. This is a live, call in show. You can call in to talk to Patrick at 914.338.1239. Come join us in our chat room. Make sure your Adobe is up to date, it makes the chat room easier to use.

Here's the audio from our previous interview with Patrick from January 15th.

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