Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's "holding his own" tweets


Here are today's live tweets during Wednesday's episode of Days of our Lives.

Austin is telling Billie some of his marital problems. Austin admits he did cheat on Carrie. #days

Carrie blabs to Rafe about Austin cheating on her with Abigail. Rafe says Abby is 12 years old. Carrie has a bad memory. #days

Carrie says that Austin had righteous indignation when Cafe kissed.

Melanie tries to talk sense into Abigail. Mel tells her Austin doesn't love her back. #days

Stefano tells John he liked him better without a brain. lmfao! #days #teamstefano

Hope asks Stefano help her get to Bo. He says it's too late. #days

Billie telling Austin that Abby is old enough to be his daughter was priceless. #days lol

Melanie tells Abby to stop making excuses for Austin. #days

Rafe tells Carrie that maybe Austin slept with Abby because they kissed. Carrie says she doesn't know Austin anymore. #days

Billie calls the hospital, and they tell her that Bo is "holding his own." *insert dirty joke here.* #days

Billie tells Austin the story of Billie talking to Hope on the phone about Bo's condition. #days

Billie reminds Austin that he forgave Carrie for cheating on Austin with Mike Horton. #days

Melanie looks like she has a migraine trying to talk sense into Abby. lol #days

Carrie complains about Cafe not working together because of Sami/Austin. #days

The police are on the way. Stefano is trying to let Jope off the hook. John doesn't trust him. #days

Carrie is puckering up for Rafe like Scarlett did when Rhett gave her that bonnet in GWTW. #days

Billie tells Austin Carrie will remember that Austin loves her after she's done hating his guts. #days lol Cute dialogue today.

Mel tells Abby if you marry a man who cheated on his wife, you married a man who cheated on his wife. #days

Abby slips up and says when she and Austin make love it's going to be amazing, and Melanie caught her. #days

Abby admits to Melanie that Abby/Austin sex didn't happen, and she let him think that they did. #days

Billie wants Austin to try to work it out with Carrie. Austin doesn't think Carrie will forgive him. #days

Carrie says basically she grew up and grew out of love with Austin. Carrie says in her heart she was already cheating on Austin. #days

Stefano gets Jope out of the courthouse. Hope thanks him. #days

I have a senator and Beavis and Butthead following me on twitter today. Now that's a pretty cool day. lol

John tells Stefano he will stay if he lets Hope go. Stefano says he needs both of them and leaves. #days

Hope flips out & throws a suitcase at the door. Billie tells Austin she will stay in town to help him. Mel tells Abby to confess to Austin.

Carrie tells Rafe that Austin knew she was pulling away from him because she was falling for Rafe. #days

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