Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday's "expect the unexpected" tweets


Today's episode of Days of our Lives was quite bizarre. The Kate/Lucas/Sami stuff was pretty good, the Daniel/Jenn stuff was awkward, Jope wasn't making much sense, and Roman and Bo being attacked was unintentionally funny. But that's just me. Here are today's tweets:

Jen drops by Daniel's office. Both of them agree their last meeting was "awkward." #days

Bo leaves a message for Hope at the Horton Sq. Roman tells Bo he is not assigned to the stake out. #days

Jope talking about the dead body in the room, and we actually get a flashback of it. #days

John blames himself for the agent being dead. Roman doesn't want Bo to go rogue. Good luck on that. #days

Kate asks Sami to forgive her for calling her a "bitch." Sami thought they were passed all that. lmfao #days

Kate tells Lucas that Sami's family. Kate tells Lucas that she and Sami have both changed. He's not buying that either. #days

John tells Hope he's still ISA. #days Whatever

How cute. Jope's already arguing like a married couple. #days Honeymoon's over you crazy kids!

Jen wants to know what Daniel was doing when he was gone. Surfing mostly. #days

Daniel tells Jenn he can't take his heart being crushed again. Jenn can't take her heart being ripped out again. lol #days

Kate wants to know about Lucas's fiance. Kate doesn't like Lucas showing up to support Sami. #days

Lucas wants to know what is going on with Sami working for Kate. #days

Kayla is on again. Sami asks her if ppl can change. Kayla said Steve did. #days

Kate tells Lucas that she's "still a little overprotective." lol Don't eat the brownies, Sami. #days

Boring filler with Bo and Roman. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

After all that talk, Roman already had a warrant to search the warehouse for drugs. #days

Bo and Roman decide to go to the warehouse. #days

Hope tells John to tell her all he knows, "unfortunately, it's not much." DUH. #days

Roman and Bo get hit from behind as soon as they leave the Square. It's pretty funny actually. #days

Daniel tells Jenn they weren't meant to be. #days

Bo and Roman are knocked out. My son laughed when he saw it. lol #days

Kate tells Sami wouldn't it be great if Lucas was in town when they figure out who the mole is. #days

Roman wakes up. Bo is still out cold. #days

John says of Stefano, "he wants my Marlena because I took away his Gina." Stefano has had a lot of women. #days

Roman starts yelling for help. Considering they are right outside the square, you'd think someone would have saw the entire assault. #days

Jenn's crying since she successfully alienated both Daniel and Jack. #days Daniel wants to be friends. She agrees.

Kate and Lucas finish touring Countess W's office. Kate says with Sami to "expect the unexpected." #days

Roman drags Bo into the Pub, and basically drops him on the floor. Kayla tries to revive Bo by yelling at him. #days

Bo has no pulse. Kayla does chest compressions. Roman's yelling at everyone. Sami starts reciting the Lord's Prayer. #days

I don't even know really what Jope is arguing about. #days

Bo starts seizing while the ambulance arrives. #days

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  1. I love unintentionally funny scenes! The scene with Rafe and Carrie gawking at and ogling each other at their office when they were overheated from a faulty thermostat was the funniest fucking thing I've seen on Days in years. Especially the part with the cheesy music. "Feel the heat . . . we have chemistry . . . Ooh, la la . . " I was hooting and screaming with laughter. Can't wait to see this episode, TFP.