Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's dirty laundry tweets


Well the shizz hit the fan all over the Brady Pub and the Horton Town Square. Everybody knows everyone's dirty laundry. It was like watching a Jerry Springer episode. lol Here are today's Days of our Lives tweets.

Lumi & Marlena discuss Bo's condition. Abe and Jen by EJ's inauguration. Kate's there. #days

Austin sees Lucas for the first time at the Pub with Sami, Marlena, Caroline, and Kayla. #days

Cafe talking outside the Sq. They plan a coffee date. Ian gives Madison coffee at work. #days

Lexie shows up at EJ's press event. She tells Abe she's there for EJ. #days

Jen can't believe Lexie is there for EJ. Lexie tells them EJ made her an offer she couldn't refuse. #days

EJate discuss Stefano not being there. #days

Madison thinks Ian is setting her up because he's being nice to her. lol #days

Lexie tells Abe her new job as health commissioner. Abe apologizes for everything, Lexie gets flustered and leaves. #days

Billie brings in the kids to see EJ even little Allie. #days

Austin tells Marlena he couldn't reach Carrie on the phone. Cafe walks in together. #days

Sami bashes Cafe for not going to Bo's bedside the night before. Sami bashes Carrie. Carrie bashes Austin who was defending her. #days

EJ posing for a few pics with Syd and Johnny before telling the photogs no pics. Johnny tells EJ that he loves him. Aww #days

Madison asks Ian to let her go. #days

Austin accidentally tells everyone he slept with Abby. Lucas isn't happy that his brother slept with his niece. #days

Austin calls Carrie out for being in love with Rafe. Poor Caroline just wanted a prayer vigil for Bo and all hell breaks loose. #days

don't feel dirty at all for enjoying Carrie and Austin for showing everyone their dirty laundry at the Pub. lol #days

Sami calls Carrie a "slut." Marlena takes control of the mudslinging fest. #days

Abe tells Jen he was invited to stand at the podium with EJ, and he turned it down. #days

Everyone apologizes to Caroline for their Jerry Springer-fest at the Pub. #days

Lumi double teams on the Austin bashing. EJ gives his speech. He mentions Roman and Bo's beating. #days

Austin explains how he slept with Abby. Lucas comments that Austin has a history of sleeping with women and forgetting. #days

Austin tells the story again how Sami drugged him into sex. Sami gets mad at Lucas for bringing it up. #days

Madison bashes Kate in front of Billie and Sami's kids. Ian tries to charm Billie. Kate tells Billie to stay away from Ian. #days

Billie tells Madison that she is not her mom. Madison tells Billie it's just business. #days

Sami asks Rafe if he loves Carrie. He refuses to answer and leaves. Carrie joins him outside. #days

EJ meets Ian. Rafe tells Carrie that he thinks Sami may have moved on already. You think? #days

Austin asks Lucas what Autumn thinks of Lumi. Lexie tells EJ to stop bashing Abe. #days

Lucas tells Sami/Austin that Autumn knows about Sami and Carrie, and got engaged to him anyway. lol #days

Kayla gets a call. Kate tells Ian to stay away from Billie. Kate threatens Madison to Ian. Ian sticks up for Madison. #days

Abe tells EJ to leave Lexie alone. EJ has Abe and Jen arrested. Lexie is pissed. #days

Kayla hears that Bo is stable. Everyone gets ready to go to Mass. Marlena tells Caroline to pray for the Brady family. #days

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  1. Good episode for once !
    With lot's of interactions with different people : refreshing !