Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday's "stupid cow" tweets


Thursday's Days of our Lives featured the separated by choice/distance couples.

Nicole has her own hotel room with a few positive pregnancy tests results. Daniel shows up for support. #days

Jope was back in their hotel room in Alamainia. #days

Lexie asks EJ what happened to his face at the Horton Sq. Lexie says she has a problem with who he is. #days

EJ starts bashing Abe. Lexie sticks up for him. Renee Jones looks absolutely stunning today. #days

Rafe throws his pic away of Safe at his office. Sami asks him to watch the kids for him so she can travel for Countess W. #days

Daniel is getting Nicole to meditate. Daniel wants to talk options with Nicole. #days

Hope is having flashbacks of drinking champagne and dancing with John. #days John wants them to discuss their memories.

Nice of Daniel to keep Nicole positive. Nicole said she was worried about being alone, rubs her tummy, and says now she's not alone. #days

EJ wants Lexie to take a job with him to find a way for affordable health care to the Salem residents. #days

Rafe agrees to babysit. Sami offers him to stay at the loft. He doesn't want to go that far. #days

Daniel tells Nicole to minimize stress. He wants her to tell EJ. She refuses. #days

EJ wants Lexie to be city health commissioner. She wants to know what's in it for him. #days

Safe discuss Sami having to live with the consequences of her actions. #days

John wants to leave, Hope wants to know what is going on. She thinks he's distracted. #days

Sami wants Rafe to tell her he loves her and he'll give her another chance. Rafe says he can't do what she wants. Great job by Ali today.

EJ tells Lexie he lost his wife. #days

John tells Hope there is something else going on, but he won't tell her what. #days

EJ tells Lexie that Ejole breaking up was all his fault, but doesn't drop the EJami sex bomb on her. #days

Happy birthday Jensen Ackles

Ej sees Sami, tries to leave, then goes to her. EJ tells Sami he lost Nicole, the only person who loved him for who he was. #days

Nicole wants to leave town. Dan tells her she needs to stay for support. Nicole wants Dan to be her doctor to keep the pregnancy a secret.

John fills Hope in on all the ISA shenanigans in Alamainia. #days

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Sami tells EJ that Nic will come back to him, calls her a "stupid cow." EJ calls Sami a "selfish bitch." #days

Rafe and Lexie are eating at the Pub. Rafe asks about Abe. They exchange marital woes. #days

EJ tells Sami that she has karma coming to her. #days She tells him to go to hell.

Marlena would make a fortune if she started a group counseling all the soon to be divorced couples in Salem. #days

EJ is really twisting the knife into Sami. She wishes she did kill him when she shot him in the head. #days

Hope is freaking out over her Jope memories. She feels like she's cheating on Bo. Someone enters the room. #days


  1. Since when Ej is 'in love with' Nicole ? It is a joke ! One of the few Ej redeem quality was his love for Sami no matter what..these writers really did a number to this character..sad.

  2. I don't see how EJ's love for Sami is a redeeming quality. I don't see it as love either. It's more of a sick obsession to hurt each other.

    We get it. You are an EJami fan who hates anyone involved with either character. Lighten up.

  3. It is 'a sick obsession to hurt each other' NOW because writers decided that, before it was different and the only way to see another side of the Ej's character, a vulnerable side,the redeeming side.. now he is just yeah to me it is SAD as someone who loved Ej as a complex and multi-layered fictional character .
    p.s: Lighten up too.