Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's "guttersnipes and tonsil dives" tweets


Just an awful episode of Days of our Lives today. You've been warned. Here are today's live tweets:

John stops Hope from attacking Stefano. blah blah blah #days

Kate asks Marlena what is going on with her & Stefano. Marlena says she despises Stefano. Kate says State was happy until Marlena came back.

EJ catches Billie going through files at the DiMansion. Billie covers up by saying she thought they were Countess W files. #days

Sami accuses Rafe of having an affair with Nicole in front of Carrie at the Pub. He denies it. Sami calls him a hypocrite. #days

Sami says she hates Nicole and Carrie more than anyone. #days

Kate tells Marlena that Stefano refers to Marlena as the "queen of the night" to her too. Marlena asks Kate what is going on? #days

Kate tells Marlena maybe she's just being a bit paranoid because she misses her husband, and her marriage is the best it's been. #days

John wants Stefano to agree for sure to let them go when they get the egg for him. Stefano tells him to trust him. #days

Marlena asks Kate where Stefano is. She figures out Kate doesn't know where he is. Marlena tells Kate about Alamainia. #days

Stefano brings a hypnotist to bring back the Pawn and Princess Gina. This is so lame. #days

EJ and Billie almost kissed? When was that? #days

Billie tells EJ she's moving in. #days

Sami tells Rafe that she had a front row seat to the Cafe "tonsil dive." Sami mentions Rafe was half naked in Nicole's hotel room. #days

Martin the goon is still following Marlena after Kate leaves her at the Sq. #days

Stefano whips out Gina's compact and the porn music to jog Hope's memory. #days

EJ asks Billie where Kate is. Speak of the devil, there she is. She assumes he wants to talk about guttersnipe Sami. lol #days

Sami gives the dirty details of the non sexual encounter between Rafe and Nicole. Carrie doesn't look amused. #days

For the recent #days fans, yes Roman slept with both Nicole and Billie. True story.

Billie agrees to give EJate privacy, but she's just around the corner. EJ wants her to drop the custody battle with Sami. #days

EJ tells Kate that Rafe filed for divorce. Carrie questions why Sami is even talking to EJ at all when she says EJ saw Rafe with Nicole.

John's still not the Pawn. Hope vows to not forget Bo after being exposed to the gas. #days

EJ tells Kate he knows about the mole thing. Billie says she happy to move in there because they are just one big happy family. lol #days

Sami tells Carrie to make up with Austin instead of slutting around with Rafe. #days Rafe wants to explain to Carrie about Nicole.

Stefano starts talking to John and Hope as Gina and Pawn. He tells them how much they loved to dance.

Jope flashbacks including subsex. Hey, you've been warned! #days

Hope wakes up. Stefano gives her the compact. Hope is Gina, and her accent is back. #days

The picture of EJ and Stefano on the piano at the DiMansion has Tony cut out of it. #days

Kate leaves Billie remembering she left the scarf Austin gave her at the coffeeshop. Billie finds a locked drawer in the desk. #days

Caroline sees Sami outside. Rafe tells Carrie nothing happened with Nicole. She asks why he was with her. #days

Caroline tries to cheer up Sami, then leaves. EJ shows up giving her a hanky. #days

EJ asks Sami to come with him. Rafe tells Carrie he can't tell her why he was with Nicole. Carrie leaves. #days

Billie gets the drawer unopened. She finds Stefano bought $1 million in weapons. She snaps a pic. #days

Kate leaves another message for Stefano after looking at his pics of Marlena. Marlena calls Roman to help her get a hold of John. #days

Gina recognizes Pawn John. They kiss. Stefano smiles. #days

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