Saturday, March 3, 2012



Days of our Lives up from the week before, but still doing poorly with the younger demographics. General Hospital up big from the week before. You can read all the details at SON.


  1. Days need to bring Tony back from the grave; Anna, Shane and Kim need to come back. Whatever is causing Mr. Corday's brain fart needs to be fixed and bring these two wonderful couples back. Watch the ratings rise!!!!! Just sayin

  2. Bradison is a ratings killer. Ian and Madison need to leave ASAP. The Jope crap is ridiculous. Love Stefano, but he is a little long in the tooth to be chasing them around anymore.

  3. The main ratings killer is bad writing. Until that is fixed, it doesn't matter who they bring back or fire.

  4. Actually, Days is doing well over all in the ratings. The issue is the younger demographic; so logically speaking, bringing back vets has maintained and increased viewership amongst the existing, older demographic and that's a good thing.

    Now, the younger demo has to be analyzed; bringing back Nadia Bjorlin, Chloe may help there. In addition, the young characters need a tad more integration at this point. The Chandler Massey-Will story has been very well done. The same level of integration must be achieved with the other younger characters.

    I do think Days should also cross-promote the show with CoverGirl or Maybelline as well in an effort to reach young female viewers. So let's look at the marketing potential here: Days has a cosmetics storyline in the Kate-Madison rivalry...Why not approach a cosmetics company about doing a "Mad World" or "Countess W" line? This is perfect marketing, product placement, advertising for both the product and the show...