Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's "platonic work out buddies" tweets


Very cute dialogue during Monday's episode of Days of our Lives. I think I could like Billie with Daniel. Nice to finally see the Carvers again. Poor Rafe comes to the rescue of another pregnant damsel in distress. Lumi is back to their ususal bickering. lol Here are today's tweets.

Billie walks into the spa and see Daniel working out practically in the lobby. #days

The Carvers at the Pub. Abe gets Lexie a coffee. #days

Nicole rubbing her baby bump in her hotel room. Rafe knocks on the door. #days

Lucas drops by Sami's office. Lucas offers to help her find the mole. #days

Billie still hasn't been able to reach Hope. Billie wants to know if Bo really has a chance of recovery. Dan asks if Bilbo is over. #days

Billie says Bilbo is over. Abe and Lexie discuss the election. Abe wants Lexie and Theo back. He misses them. #days

Nicole and Rafe discuss EJ winning the election. Rafe tells Nic she looks stressed. Rafe's takeout makes Nic nauseous. #days

Sami tells Lucas to "leave her the hell alone" while he's looking through the mole stuff. #days

Marlena told Lexie to tell Theo the truth. Theo's confused by what Abe did. Theo doesn't want to see Abe. #days

Lucas tells Sami that he tried to get Will to quit working with EJ. Lucas said Will was speeding a little in his new car. #days

Rafe says Nicole doesn't have a fever. Rafe says he hasn't seen the kids. Nic wants him to move the food. He asks if she's pregnant. #days

Billie's punching a punching bag. She's got guns! Daniel offers to teach her foot work. Billie sucker punches him. lol #days

Rafe asks Nic 2 tell him it's not EJ's baby. Nic says "what kind of a girl do you think I am?" #days

Nicole tells Rafe that she and the baby are fine. She doesn't want EJ to know about it. #days

Lucas can't find anything about the mole. He tries to look up ip's on Sami's computer. Sami admits she's the mole. #days

ally smith ‏ @allysm
@DivaofDOOL Lucas: Ah. Did you become the mole so you could meet Anderson Cooper? Sami: No...well okay..maybe.

Apparently Marlena is counseling everyone off screen. Abe tells Lexie he talked to her too. Abe tells Lexie to "keep the faith." #days

Nicole tells Rafe she doesn't know what she'll do if she miscarries again. #days Very touching scenes.

Sami explains Lucas the whole story of her being the mole. Lucas says he has a headache, and his head is spinning because of her. lol #days

Daniel's ok after Billie's punch. Daniel checks on her hand. Billie starts getting warm fuzzies over Dr. Dan. #days

Sami says she's tired of the "Sami bashing". Lucas is not done with the Sami bashing. Sami starts Lucas bashing. #days

Sami says they need to make sure Kate doesn't find out she's the mole #days

Rafe wants Nicole to take care of herself. Rafe wants her to call Daniel when she gets sick again. #days

Billie recounts Daniel's tendency to fall in love with patients. She apologizes for belittling his relationship with Jennifer. #days

Abe vows to win back Lexie's trust. She leaves. #days

Billie and Daniel decide to be platonic work out buddies. lol #days

Lucas warns Sami that the truth always comes out. Nicole passes out into Rafe's arms. #days

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