Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's "immoral and unethical" tweets


Worth watching to see Patrick Muldoon getting slapped again really hard.

Sorry I'm late, Carrie asks Austin and Abby wth is going on. #days

Hope asks John if Stefano wanted them in Alamainia so he can get to Bo and Marlena. #days

Billie meets Daniel for the first time. She urges Bo to hang in there. #days

Magic overhears Billie tell Bo she loves him. Billie and Maggie hug. #days

Carrie accuses Abby of going to the lodge to be with Austin. #days

Still pissed that Desperate Housewives killed off Mike Delfino especially when the gangster had a clean shot at Susan.

Victor goes to Bo's bedside. I've missed John Aniston the last few months. #teamvictor #days

Billie and Maggie discuss Daniel being her son. #days

Carrie asks Abby if Austin was the one who broke her heart. #days

Austin begs Abby not to answer Carrie's question. She does anyway. #days

These scenes with Bo would be more powerful if the fans knew he might really die. When u know he lives, it's not interesting. #days

Hope's full of gloom and doom, John promises to get her home. #days

Carrie calls Austin "immoral and unethical". Pot met kettle. #days Abby tells Carrie that they are in love.

Victor updated Billie offscreen about where John and Hope are, and why. Billie wants to team up with Victor to stop Stefano. #days

Jope decides to get their passports back from the courthouse. #days

Oh boo. Austin put his clothes back on. #days

Austin tells Carrie that he and Abby were just friends, and she fell for him, but he never felt that way about her. #days

Daniel tells Maggie that Bo's brain activity hasn't change. Consider how low his brain activity was in the first place. #days

Victor tells Billie to stay away from Ian. #days

Austin tells Carrie that he did not plan on Abby showing up. Austin tells Carrie he only loves her. He's making me tear up. #days

Abby refuses to leave the lodge with Melanie. #days

There's a laser grid at the courthouse in Alamainia yet they have no cell service? What da hell? #days

Carrie and Austin reconcile, then Abby barges in and drops the Abby/Austin sex bomb. Austin's not happy. lol #days

Austin tells Carrie it was a mistake. Carrie calls him "digusting" and slaps him hard. She runs out, Austin follows. #days

Abby cries. Melanie asks her what she's done. #days

Hope calls. Billie answers. Bo starts seizing and Billie screams for help. #days

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