Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's welcome home Lucas tweets


Lots of Love in the Afternoon today. Welcome back Bryan Dattilo. He just glowed today.

I missed a few minutes. Aurrie at the Green Mountain Lodge where Austin first made Carrie a woman. lol #days

Abby uses Austin's office computer to track where he is. #days

Flowers get delivered to the spa. Gabi signs for them. The flowers are from Chad, but we don't know who they are for. #days

Brady leaves the Pub. Madison finds an article about herself in a magazine, she throws it down, and hugs a pillow. #days

John wants Hope to look at him as she is overwhelmed with memories while porn music is played in the background. #days

John thinks he's meeting with ISa when Stefano shows up with a snazzy scarf. #days

Stefano says it's a coincidence he ran into Jope at the cafe. Stefano claims to be on holiday. John asks where Kate is. #days

Same porn music for Bradison flashbacks. I feel like taking a shower. #days

Melanie is the recipient of the flowers. Mel tells Gabi that they are together, and Abby is ok with it. #days

Austin doesn't want to rehash the past, he just wants to get it on. lol #days

Sami asks Lucas why he's there. He came home to help her. They hug. #days

Stefano asks Jope where their spouses are. Stefano is the king of playing dumb to annoy people. lol #days

Gabi goes psycho and knocks the flowers onto the flowers. Tad bit of an overreaction doncha think? #days

Abby shows up at the spa. She asked Mel to go on a road trip with her to the Green Mountain Lodge. #days Abby invites Chad too.

Gabi tells Chad to don't be an idiot about Abby being happy that Chelanie are together. #days

Madison screens Ian's phone call. Brady shows up at her hotel room. #days

Lucas wants Sami to explain how she had sex with EJ. She asks why did he drink? He said it was because he was scared. #days

Sami said she did it to make the pain stop. Sami tells him Will is working with EJ for revenge. Lucas said it's something else. #days

Lucas says he'll get it out of Will. Sami says he's positive attitude is annoying. lol #days

Aurrie is done skiing. Carrie wants to go back to their room. #days

Chad bows out of the Abby/Mel ski trip. Funny no one asked Gabi to come along. #days

Stefano keeps taunting Jope. He advises them to get a good divorce attorney. Hope asks what he is after? He won't reveal the ending. #days

Brady tells Madison how much she hurt him. She shattered his faith. Brady is no longer angry. He officially hands Madison his balls. #days

Bradison makes up and starts kissing. I'm so not a fan of this couple. #days

Gabi tells Chad she needs his help. Bradison still kissing. #days

John wants to get the upperhand on Stefano. Good luck on that. #days

Sami tells Lucas she needs Rafe to take care of the kids while she's out of town for work. Lucas can't believe she's quitting her marriage.

Sami gets annoyed with Lucas and tells him to go back to Hong Kong. #days

Aurrie's got their own sex music, and their own sex plant to hide behind. lol #days

Abby and Mel show up at the lodge. Gabi wants to give Chad a massage for "practice." lol #days

Bradison discuss Ian taking people down. #days

Gabi gives Chad a massage with him shirtless sitting in a chair. Man, she does need practice. She needs to get him more nekkid. lol #days

Sami verbally attacks Lucas. He asks if it is out of her system because they have work to do. #days

Jope leave the cafe. Brady tells Madison that she's going to have to give up something she loves very much. #days

Aurrie runs into Mel and Abby at the lodge. Mel and Austin are shocked. Mel is giving Abby the "are you crazy?" look. lol #days

Agent Walsh is dead in Jope's hotel room. Well that will ruin the sexual chemistry. lol #days

Lucas tells Sami he wants to help her because he still loves her. She says the same. They hug. Sami cries. Great stuff. #days

Brady tells Madison to give up Mad World to get Ian out of her life. Madison agrees. They start making out again. #days


  1. Oh my Sami and Lucas AGAIN : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz been there done that for pete's sake and now i bet Kate will try to destroy Sami for the xxxxxxxxxxxx times..these writers are really really wonder ratings dropped once again..

  2. Love me some LUMI and bring it on. Chemistry between Bryan and Alison was off the hook and never skipped a beat. Lucas's character is what will redeem Sami's character after the disaster these last few years. The writers did their homework and played quite a few reflections throughout their scenes together. Only the ratings will tell the real truth and that will be only up, up, and up!!! It is all about LUMI now.

  3. Loved the Lucas/Sami scenes. Between that and Sami's recent scene at the Horton Town Square with Will, it was the first time in YEARS that she has seemed likable (of course Sami had to blow it with Will by running her mouth too much and making it about herself again). Jope is kind of boring so far. It's not the actors. The story has been dull. Bradison is a snoozefest. Madison cries all the time and she's just not sympathetic. Is it just me, or does Austin seem gay? His voice, his physical mannerisms . . . it's really distracting because he's playing a straight character.

  4. Patrick Muldoon is definitely not gay. Follow him on twitter and see for yourself.

  5. I'll take your word for it. Just my observation on the character, who I didn't watch during his first run. My husband even agreed with me that Austin gives off a gay vibe. The inflections in his voice and the way he waves his hands around reminds me very much of my stylist (who is gay). I've enjoyed the scenes where Abby has been making him squirm in front of Carrie. His "Oh shit!" expressions have been cracking me up.

  6. The ratings are awful anonym : wake up !
    And Patrick Muldoon certainly did not seemed gay on Starship Troopers, Melrose Place or Save the Bell..actually he played the playboy on it..
    He also dated Denise Richards back in the day and she loves very straight bad boys it is quite a mondial knowing..