Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's "sleeping with the enemy" tweets


Here are today's tweets from Days of our Lives.

Ian tells Madison he's sorry. Ian is thinking of how happy Madison was at their wedding and honeymoon. He wants to know if she was lying.

Chloe's exes Daniel and Brady bitch about women over beer. #days

Kate tells Sami that Billie is back at Countess W. She gives Sami's desk to Billie. Sami asks if she still has a job there. #days

EJ, Lucas, and Will at the DiMansion. Lucas tells EJ that Will doesn't work for him anymore. Will is getting pressured to quit. #days

Abby asks Austin what he meant by Carrie being with Rafe now. He doesn't want to talk about it, he wants to know what she has to say to him.

Kayla tells Mel to call Chad, not just text him. Gabi sends Chad on an errand, and deletes Mel's text. #days

Melanie decides to go look for Chad herself, and leaves the pub. #days

Billie tells Sami she wants to see Will and Allie. Kate tells Sami she brought Billie back to the co. because she trusts her. #days

Sami tries to get Kate to do her traveling. Kate refuses. #days

Will tells Lucas he likes his job. Lucas wants him to leave with him. Will refuses. #days

Madison tells Ian she was happy back then. She mentions his affairs. Brady made her happy. Ian actually looks sad for her. #days

Kate won't let Sami go home. She wants her to stay at work and find the mole. #days

EJ brings up Will shooting him. Lucas threatens to go to the press with EJ's blackmail. #days

EJ releases Will from the blackmail. Will decides to keep working with EJ. #days

Abby tells Austin she was going to tell Carrie how drunk Austin was that night. Austin's not impressed. He already told Carrie that. #days

Austin can't believe he lost Carrie. Abby throws herself at him again. He tells her to stop right now. #days

Gabi and Chad discuss their modeling gig. Melanie finds them. #days

Daniel tells Brady it doesn't matter why Madison is with Ian. He tells Brady to get on with his life. #days

Ian tells Madison that she was nothing before him. Ian threatens Brady again. #days

Ian says that Brady ruined Madison. Madison says Ian ruined her. Either way she's ruined. #days

Kate and Billie are going to take Sami's kids out of dinner while making Sami stay at work. #days

Lucas says, "working with EJ is like sleeping with the enemy." Um, that's what Sami does. #days

Will tells Lucas he hasn't been the perfect role model. And Will points out Kate is married to Stefano. #days

Will keeps complimenting EJ, and EJ looking super tan, keeps thanking him. It's kind of funny. #days

Mel tells Chad she called and texted him. Chad realizes his phone was off. Mel and Chad leave together. #days

Austin tells Abby that Rafe and Carrie being together has nothing to do with them getting together. He leaves. #days

Kate tells Billie that Sami is the mole at the Pub. Sami sees a family pic of Safe and the kids. #days

Lucas threatens EJ if he harms Will & leaves. EJ congratulates Will and offers him brandy. EJ knows what Will does when drunk. lol #days


  1. Love that the show has listened to fan speculation and is playing with the EJ/Will relationship.I don't know where it is going because there are so many possibilities at this time.

  2. What speculation, other than that Will is gay (and the writers went with it after fans speculating for years)?

    1. Many(like the Diva in this post) see the actors playing up gay undertones in their scenes together. Most would see JR using his power over Will to force him into a sexual relationship. I however would like to see Will take after Sami and seduce JR.

    2. Should be EJ not JR.