Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diva interviews Bryan Dattilo!


The Diva of Days of our Lives and friends will interview Bryan Dattilo on our blogtalkradio show on Friday at 10 pm est. This is a live, call in show. We are anticipating a lot of callers for Bryan, so we would like everyone to limit themselves to asking him one question only. Please be mindful that others are waiting to talk to him too. You can call in at 914.338.1239. You can call in using skype. We will also have our chat room open during the show. We will be doing call screening for this show to make it run smoothly and quickly.

Here are some FAQ's about blogtalkradio:

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What if I can't listen live?

The show archives almost immediately after it ends. You can listen to it on your computer, on itunes, or you can download it. Show archives are never deleted.

If you want to chat with other fans in the chat room, you must register with blogtalkradio first. We recommend registering before the show airs because sometimes the site is temperamental. If you chose not to register, you can still read the chat, but cannot post.

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I cannot make the show live, but would like to ask a question to Bryan.
Leave your question here in the comments section. Include your name if you want me to give you a shout out during the show.

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section here, and I will update the FAQ. Feel free to listen to our other interviews if you want a feel on how it goes normally.

To wet your appetite, here's our February 2nd 10 minute interview with Bryan.

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  1. Questions for Bryan (pick your favorite if it's only one question per person):

    1. Will we ever see Autumn on screen with Lucas, or are the writers still deciding? Some people are speculating that she's not real and Lucas made her up! Could it be to keep Sami at a distance so she doesn't try to glom onto Lucas as soon as Rafe is out of the picture?

    2. Will we see more Lucas/EJ conflict because of Will, or for any other reasons? Love me some Ejucas!

    3.) Bryan, what do you think of the previous team's decision to change Lucas's last name to Horton? I know they want to tie the character in to the family more closely, but Lucas was a *30-something year old man,* a show veteran and legacy character, and they changed his name just because he had a fight with Kate! For many long time Lucas fans, we wish they would go back to Lucas Roberts.

    4.)Chandler Massey said in a recent interview that Will "comes out" on or around April 4. When will Lucas and Sami find out? Will they need some adjustment time before they can be supportive to Will?

    5.) Any chance we'll get to see Lucas knock out Dr. Dan in the near future? Or -- at least give him a verbal smackdown? First there was the mess with Lucas/Chloe/Daniel. Then there was Jennifer/Daniel. Now it looks like Daniel is setting his sights on Lucas's sister Billie! This is unfinished business for many Lucas fans.

    6.) Will Lucas ever be able to forgive Sami for sexing up EJ while Lucas was in prison?

  2. Another recent Bryan interview:


  3. I'm delighted that Bryan is back on Days.

    Here is my question. I would love to see a Lucas centric triangle with Sami and another woman vying for Lucas' love. What are your thoughts on this and do you think that might be an idea that TPTB might explore down the road. Especially since they were the ones that decided to have Lucas return engaged, even if she is not on screen at the moment.

  4. I am absolutely thrilled Bryan is back on DOOL! Lucas is by far my favorite character on the show. I am hoping to see Bryan shirtless soon! Anyways my question for Bryan is, if NBC would allow it, would he ever consider doing Dancing With the Stars?

  5. Why Lucas need to forgive Sami what's so ever ? First Lucas dumped her at this time and secondly Ej was HER HUSBAND !!!
    That is a problem : Sami always apologizes and beggs Lucas..who is not better than her..as a Sami fan i HATE this relationship, as frenemies, sometimes friends, co-parents or enemies they are ok otherwise puke !
    But some of you will be happy : they will be together AGAIN ! Lucas will lecture her, she will become homophobe..well as a Sami fan a real nightmare, for Lucas fan a dream..enjoy !

  6. LUMI fan here!! I am excited about the show right now.
    Would ask Bryan if Rafe and Lucas will be having any scenes together? It seems weird that they never talk-Lucas should as least Thank Rafe for helping to care of the kids in his absence!


  7. You mean the same 'Rafe' who tries to play their father instead of Lucas..i am sure Lucas is thrilled really..lol

  8. ^^ Sami NEEDS lectures. The past few years, most of the other characters have acted like her shit doesn't stink. Sami was made into a faux heroine, which was a huge FAIL. Other people have tried to set her straight(like Marlena, Caroline, Roman, etc etc) and usually don't get through to her. Often Lucas is the only person who can, and that's a good thing, because Sami is a self-destructive idiot!