Friday, March 30, 2012

Bryan Dattilo interview ready for playback!


Our interview with Bryan Dattilo is ready for playback and download. We had one of our biggest live audiences ever!

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Bryan Dattilo video interview from


Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) Days of our Lives

Chandler Massey interview


Chandler Massey (Will Horton) Days of our Lives

Freddie Smith interview


Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis)of Days of our Lives

Days promo for April 2nd


Days of our Lives promo for the week of April 2nd.

Diva's 81st blogtalkradio show this Saturday


Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 81st blogtalkradio show this Saturday at 10 pm est. We encourage callers and newbies to our chat room. We will be discussing the last week of the show and our interview with Bryan Dattilo.

Ratings, all soaps lower


All soaps lose viewers this past week. You can read all the gory details at SON.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's "guttersnipes and tonsil dives" tweets


Just an awful episode of Days of our Lives today. You've been warned. Here are today's live tweets:

John stops Hope from attacking Stefano. blah blah blah #days

Kate asks Marlena what is going on with her & Stefano. Marlena says she despises Stefano. Kate says State was happy until Marlena came back.

EJ catches Billie going through files at the DiMansion. Billie covers up by saying she thought they were Countess W files. #days

Sami accuses Rafe of having an affair with Nicole in front of Carrie at the Pub. He denies it. Sami calls him a hypocrite. #days

Sami says she hates Nicole and Carrie more than anyone. #days

Kate tells Marlena that Stefano refers to Marlena as the "queen of the night" to her too. Marlena asks Kate what is going on? #days

Kate tells Marlena maybe she's just being a bit paranoid because she misses her husband, and her marriage is the best it's been. #days

John wants Stefano to agree for sure to let them go when they get the egg for him. Stefano tells him to trust him. #days

Marlena asks Kate where Stefano is. She figures out Kate doesn't know where he is. Marlena tells Kate about Alamainia. #days

Stefano brings a hypnotist to bring back the Pawn and Princess Gina. This is so lame. #days

EJ and Billie almost kissed? When was that? #days

Billie tells EJ she's moving in. #days

Sami tells Rafe that she had a front row seat to the Cafe "tonsil dive." Sami mentions Rafe was half naked in Nicole's hotel room. #days

Martin the goon is still following Marlena after Kate leaves her at the Sq. #days

Stefano whips out Gina's compact and the porn music to jog Hope's memory. #days

EJ asks Billie where Kate is. Speak of the devil, there she is. She assumes he wants to talk about guttersnipe Sami. lol #days

Sami gives the dirty details of the non sexual encounter between Rafe and Nicole. Carrie doesn't look amused. #days

For the recent #days fans, yes Roman slept with both Nicole and Billie. True story.

Billie agrees to give EJate privacy, but she's just around the corner. EJ wants her to drop the custody battle with Sami. #days

EJ tells Kate that Rafe filed for divorce. Carrie questions why Sami is even talking to EJ at all when she says EJ saw Rafe with Nicole.

John's still not the Pawn. Hope vows to not forget Bo after being exposed to the gas. #days

EJ tells Kate he knows about the mole thing. Billie says she happy to move in there because they are just one big happy family. lol #days

Sami tells Carrie to make up with Austin instead of slutting around with Rafe. #days Rafe wants to explain to Carrie about Nicole.

Stefano starts talking to John and Hope as Gina and Pawn. He tells them how much they loved to dance.

Jope flashbacks including subsex. Hey, you've been warned! #days

Hope wakes up. Stefano gives her the compact. Hope is Gina, and her accent is back. #days

The picture of EJ and Stefano on the piano at the DiMansion has Tony cut out of it. #days

Kate leaves Billie remembering she left the scarf Austin gave her at the coffeeshop. Billie finds a locked drawer in the desk. #days

Caroline sees Sami outside. Rafe tells Carrie nothing happened with Nicole. She asks why he was with her. #days

Caroline tries to cheer up Sami, then leaves. EJ shows up giving her a hanky. #days

EJ asks Sami to come with him. Rafe tells Carrie he can't tell her why he was with Nicole. Carrie leaves. #days

Billie gets the drawer unopened. She finds Stefano bought $1 million in weapons. She snaps a pic. #days

Kate leaves another message for Stefano after looking at his pics of Marlena. Marlena calls Roman to help her get a hold of John. #days

Gina recognizes Pawn John. They kiss. Stefano smiles. #days

Cute video of Kristian Alfonso, Molly Burnett, and Bryan Dattilo


This is from Indigogreenroom. Super super cute.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday's "hitmen on speed dial" tweets


Nice cat fights today. Carrie vs Sami and Marlena vs Kate. Great scenes with Abe and Lexie, and Ejami. Pretty decent episode over all. Here are today's Days of our Lives tweets. I was late today, so the first fifteen minutes did not get tweeted.

EJ accuses Nicole of embarrassing him pubicly on purpose. Nicole brings up his child stealing, and having hitmen on speed dial. #days lol

Nicole tells EJ she filed for divorce with the papers they both signed months ago. #days

Lexie apologizes to Abe for turning her back on him. Lexie admits her past isn't "blameless." Nice to see them make up. *tears* #days

Kate and Billie get into a tiff at the coffeehouse. Will asks Marlena if she thinks he's gay. She says it doesn't matter. #days

Will asks Marlena how she thinks Lumi is going to react if he's gay. #days Will again denies being gay, and he won't be gay.

Carrie tells Sami Austin never cheated on her. Sami asks what Carrie is going to do with her marriage. Sami has hope in her eyes. #days

Nicole tells EJ she will never reconcile with him. #days

Sami tells Carrie it's not fair that Carrie broke up the Safe marriage and she can still keep Austin. Poor Sami has no one. lol #days

Will says he doesn't want to be gay because he wants a spouse and children. Will can't believe his grandma is his best friend. #days

Nicole tells EJ to have a nice life, then have a lousy life. GTH and then leaves. Sami sees a despondent EJ. #days

Lexie offers to move Abe back home. Billie tells Kate she wants to move into the DiMansion to keep an eye on her. #days

Carrie tells Rafe that Abby lied. Rafe says he's happy for them and hopes they get back together. #days

EJ tells Sami that Nicole and Rafe are sleeping together. He even shrunk down a whole foot to look in her eyes. lol #days

Kate doesn't need Billie watching over her. Billie tells Kate she misses her and wants to spend time with her. Kate buys it. #days

Kate tells Marlena that she knows Will is gay. Marlena starts lecturing her. Kate said she won't give Will the "Will & Grace" dvds. #days

Lexie and Abe in an afterglow moment. She gets a horrendous headache. #days

Kate accuses Marlena of being involved with Stefano. Marlena laughs. #days EJ busts Billie at the DiMansion. #days

Sami goes to the Pub and tells Cafe that Rafe slept with Nicole. #days

TV Guide Canada interview with Molly Burnett, Kristian Alfonso, and Bryan Dattilo


Diva twitter buddy, Ally, interviewed Days of our Lives actors Molly Burnett, Kristian Alfonso, and Bryan Dattilo during their book signing in Toronto this past weekend. Ally did a fabulous job! TV Guide Canada should hire her. You can read Ally's interviews here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TV Guide: Daytime Emmys in Jeopardy


The Daytime Emmys still haven't found a home. TV Guide talks about the lack of interest in a television broadcast here.

Tuesday's "Madison James Foundation for Golddiggers" tweets


Today's show was quite blah. There was some very blunt conversation going on between EJ and Sami. Jope continues to be a colossal waste of time. Ian holds a very awkward dinner party. Gabi asks Will on advice on how to be bad and game the system. Here are the tweets from today's episode of Days of our Lives.

Sami's drinking at the Pub. She tells EJ the kids are upstairs. #days

Kate again tries to get a hold of Stefano on the phone. Jope lamenting their fate in a jail cell. #days

Ian and Madison are going to have a dinner with fashion editors. Brady is one of the guests. #days

Chad gets his first groupie at the coffeehouse. Will and Marlena discuss whether or not he's gay again. #days

Marlena asks Will if he thinks that there's never been a gay DiMera or Brady. Not that we know of. #days

Will bails on Marlena. #days

Marlena and Kate join Ian, Madison and Brady for dinner. That sounds like an awkward dinner. #days

Sami tells EJ that Kate is out to destroy her. #days

Kate introduces Chad and Gabi to important people. Mel's there too. #days

Kate's stewing about Stefano spying on Marlena. Hope is worried about Stefano controlling their minds again. #days

Gabi, Chad, and Mel are back at the coffeehouse already. They see Will. Gabi wants to go out. Chad doesn't. #days

Kayla butts in on Ejami. EJ buys Sami a bottle of wine. He tells her to find the mole, until he realizes it's her. #days

Sami throws Madison under the bus, saying the mole thing was Mad's idea. Kayla tries to get Sami to eat. #days

Sami wants EJ to refer a lawyer. EJ offers himself. Brady asks Marlena if she thinks Mad loves Ian. She doesn't think she does. #days

Mad and Brady are seated together at dinner. Brady keeps hitting the champagne. Ian toasts to "attaining your heart's desire." #days

Chad sets up a romantic dinner for Mel in his apartment. Hope demands proof of life in regards to Bo. #days

John tells Hope that Marlena doesn't seem like she was in mourning so Bo must be ok. Marlena didn't seem upset that John's gone either.

Mel admits to being jealous over Chad's fans. And she's upset that ppl say Chad and Gabi have chemistry. #days

Sami blames EJ for Rafe not being there for her. #days

Ian announces a foundation in Madison's name to help underprivileged young women to marry older, sadistic men. #days

Brady tells everyone that Madison is a success on her own, without Ian. Madison tells him to shut up. #days

Chad tells Melanie that he's madly in love with her after she complains about how Gabi looks at him. #days

Will tries to get Gabi to admit to her crush on Chad. She questions him on working for EJ. #days

Sami tells EJ about Cafe. He tells her he's waiting for Nicole to file the divorce papers. Sami wonders why they mourn with sex. #days

Gabi tells Will that it might be useful for him to have a woman around. Marlena lectures Brady on his behavior. #days

Kate tells Ian that Madison is in love with someone else like Stefano is in love with Marlena. #days

Madison tells Brady not to let Ian push his buttons. Bradison starts kissing. #days

Sami says the sex was so good with EJ when they thought Johnny was dead. Sami wonders how they messed up their lives. #days

Gabi and Will agree to bend the rules. She wants to know how he scammed EJ into giving him all those goodies. #days

Marlena is surprised that Will decided to go out with Gabi instead of her.Chelanie start to get it on. Until she finds Gabi's earring. #days

Mel tells Chad to change his sheets before his next seduction scene. Now that's good advice. #days

Madison shoots down Brady. Ian hits on Kate. She reminds him that he doesn't want her to bring down Madison over the mole thing. #days

Ej offers to help out Sami financially. #days

Diva interviews Bryan Dattilo!


The Diva of Days of our Lives and friends will interview Bryan Dattilo on our blogtalkradio show on Friday at 10 pm est. This is a live, call in show. We are anticipating a lot of callers for Bryan, so we would like everyone to limit themselves to asking him one question only. Please be mindful that others are waiting to talk to him too. You can call in at 914.338.1239. You can call in using skype. We will also have our chat room open during the show. We will be doing call screening for this show to make it run smoothly and quickly.

Here are some FAQ's about blogtalkradio:

What is blogtalkradio?
It is an online "radio" station. Instead of listening through your radio, you can listen to the show online with your computer audio. Or you can call in and listen to the show on any phone. It is a long distance call to New York. If you are just listening on your phone, and do not wish to ask Bryan a question, please let our call screener know so we don't put you on the show.

What if I can't listen live?

The show archives almost immediately after it ends. You can listen to it on your computer, on itunes, or you can download it. Show archives are never deleted.

If you want to chat with other fans in the chat room, you must register with blogtalkradio first. We recommend registering before the show airs because sometimes the site is temperamental. If you chose not to register, you can still read the chat, but cannot post.

The show is on now, but I can't hear it?
Hit "refresh" on your computer.

I cannot make the show live, but would like to ask a question to Bryan.
Leave your question here in the comments section. Include your name if you want me to give you a shout out during the show.

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section here, and I will update the FAQ. Feel free to listen to our other interviews if you want a feel on how it goes normally.

To wet your appetite, here's our February 2nd 10 minute interview with Bryan.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's "hunky support system" tweets


Here are today's live tweets from Days of our Lives. Once again, the Jope stuff proves to be total waste of time.

Daniel joins Billie at the Pub. Daniel tells Billie that Kate told him to stay away from Billie. #days

Kate tells Will she knows he's gay. Will plays dumb. Kate tells him she loves him no matter what. #days

Rafe shows up at Nicole's to get his wallet. Nicole picks up that something happened with Sami. #days

Austin asks Carrie if the fact that he never cheated changes things between them or is it too late. #days

Stefano shows Jope live footage of his goon tailing Marlena. #days

Will is looking at Kate like she has two heads. Kate wants to talk in private since Will keeps playing dumb. #days He leaves.

John tells Stefano that he won. #days

Lucas tells Kate they need to talk. Kate doesn't want to hear it if it's about Sami. #days

Billie tells Daniel she doesn't want coffee, she wants a beer. Her cell rings. It's the Agent who happens to be outside the Pub. #days

Rafe tells Nicole he asked for a divorce. Nic tells him "the more you say it, the better you feel." #days

Carrie is still angry that Abby lied. Austin thinks they have a second chance. #days

Nicole gives Rafe a beer. Rafe asks how she's doing. She calls Sami a "cup of crazy". lol #days

Nicole successfully predicts Sami will move on quickly. #days

Austin asks again for another chance. Hope agrees to work for Stefano #days

Lucas wants Kate to just fire Sami instead of pressing charges against her. Kate isn't happy that Lucas is taking Sami's side. #days

Rafe leaves Nicole's. Marlena runs into Will outside the Horton Sq. Marlena tries to get him to tell her what is bothering him. #days

Daniel says he'll call Billie. Even the Agent doesn't buy that Dan/Billie are friends. He wants her to bring down Stefano. #days

Stefano tells Jope that they stole an Anastasia egg for him, but never gave it to him. He wants the egg. #days

John refuses to help Stefano. #days

Jope says they have no clue where the egg is. Stefano has a solution for that. #days

Billie tells the agent that she thinks EJ set up John for embezzlement. It was either EJ or Jon Corzine. Take your pick! #days

Will tells Marlena that Lucas and Kate made comments to him. #days

Daniel tells Nicole she seems ok. Nic tells him she has a "hunky support system" to help her with her pregnancy. #days

Austin takes the blame for leading Abby on. He again asks Carrie if they can work it out. Rafe is listening outside the door. #days

Carrie tells Austin that things are different now because her feelings were based on a lie. #days

Kate leaves a voice mail for Stefano. Martin drops off a package for Stefano. #days

Austin & Carrie hug. Rafe leaves after hearing Austin wants to work it out. Carrie doesn't know what the future is for them & leaves. #days

The Agent asks Billie to move into the DiMansion to get evidence on EJ. Billie demands hazard pay. lol #days

Kate resists temptation for five seconds before opening up the box for Stefano. She reads that Stefano has Marlena followed. #days

Stefano wants to turn Jope back into Gina and the Pawn. Hope says he's insane. #days

Will tells Marlena that he thinks he might be gay. #days

James Scott talks about adopting rats


James Scott was interviewed on the red carpet for an awards ceremony for the Humane Society. He talks about adopting rats. Pics of him and his dogs too. You can read it on Glamour's site here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Diva's 80th Blogtalk Radio Show is ready for playback!

The Diva's 80th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback/download. Listen as the Diva and friends chat about Carrie laying the smack down on Abby.

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Preview for Week of 3/26

First Days 2.0... now Gina 2.0. Is that all they could come up with?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday

Carrie and Austin in happier times... do you think they'll be able to overcome this latest problem?

Ratings... guess it could be worse!

Days of Our Lives remains firmly in third place. You can get all of the details at Soap Opera Network.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AfterElton interview with Chandler Massey and Deidre Hall


Chandler and Deidre did an interview with AfterElton about Will's gay storyline. You can read the full interviews here.

Wednesday's dirty laundry tweets


Well the shizz hit the fan all over the Brady Pub and the Horton Town Square. Everybody knows everyone's dirty laundry. It was like watching a Jerry Springer episode. lol Here are today's Days of our Lives tweets.

Lumi & Marlena discuss Bo's condition. Abe and Jen by EJ's inauguration. Kate's there. #days

Austin sees Lucas for the first time at the Pub with Sami, Marlena, Caroline, and Kayla. #days

Cafe talking outside the Sq. They plan a coffee date. Ian gives Madison coffee at work. #days

Lexie shows up at EJ's press event. She tells Abe she's there for EJ. #days

Jen can't believe Lexie is there for EJ. Lexie tells them EJ made her an offer she couldn't refuse. #days

EJate discuss Stefano not being there. #days

Madison thinks Ian is setting her up because he's being nice to her. lol #days

Lexie tells Abe her new job as health commissioner. Abe apologizes for everything, Lexie gets flustered and leaves. #days

Billie brings in the kids to see EJ even little Allie. #days

Austin tells Marlena he couldn't reach Carrie on the phone. Cafe walks in together. #days

Sami bashes Cafe for not going to Bo's bedside the night before. Sami bashes Carrie. Carrie bashes Austin who was defending her. #days

EJ posing for a few pics with Syd and Johnny before telling the photogs no pics. Johnny tells EJ that he loves him. Aww #days

Madison asks Ian to let her go. #days

Austin accidentally tells everyone he slept with Abby. Lucas isn't happy that his brother slept with his niece. #days

Austin calls Carrie out for being in love with Rafe. Poor Caroline just wanted a prayer vigil for Bo and all hell breaks loose. #days

don't feel dirty at all for enjoying Carrie and Austin for showing everyone their dirty laundry at the Pub. lol #days

Sami calls Carrie a "slut." Marlena takes control of the mudslinging fest. #days

Abe tells Jen he was invited to stand at the podium with EJ, and he turned it down. #days

Everyone apologizes to Caroline for their Jerry Springer-fest at the Pub. #days

Lumi double teams on the Austin bashing. EJ gives his speech. He mentions Roman and Bo's beating. #days

Austin explains how he slept with Abby. Lucas comments that Austin has a history of sleeping with women and forgetting. #days

Austin tells the story again how Sami drugged him into sex. Sami gets mad at Lucas for bringing it up. #days

Madison bashes Kate in front of Billie and Sami's kids. Ian tries to charm Billie. Kate tells Billie to stay away from Ian. #days

Billie tells Madison that she is not her mom. Madison tells Billie it's just business. #days

Sami asks Rafe if he loves Carrie. He refuses to answer and leaves. Carrie joins him outside. #days

EJ meets Ian. Rafe tells Carrie that he thinks Sami may have moved on already. You think? #days

Austin asks Lucas what Autumn thinks of Lumi. Lexie tells EJ to stop bashing Abe. #days

Lucas tells Sami/Austin that Autumn knows about Sami and Carrie, and got engaged to him anyway. lol #days

Kayla gets a call. Kate tells Ian to stay away from Billie. Kate threatens Madison to Ian. Ian sticks up for Madison. #days

Abe tells EJ to leave Lexie alone. EJ has Abe and Jen arrested. Lexie is pissed. #days

Kayla hears that Bo is stable. Everyone gets ready to go to Mass. Marlena tells Caroline to pray for the Brady family. #days

Days Facebook Q&A


Today, the Days of our Lives Facebook page is doing a question and answer session with Chandler Massey, Bryan Dattilo, and Freddie Smith. You can leave a question here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's "DiMeras don't sulk" tweets


Great episode today. Loved the dialogue. There was even a shout out to Another World today on Days of our Lives. Chad and Gabi's ad was in a magazine called, "Sophisticate" which was a name of a fictional magazine that the Cory's owned on Another World. Here are today's tweets:

Wow. Chad has a dorm room. Mel and Abby are at the coffee house. Mel assumes Abby told Austin the truth. Abby sets her straight. #days

Austin drinks one beer and switches to water. Austin asks Kayla about Bo at the Pub. Jack shows up. Austin looks guilty as hell. #days

Jack asks to join Austin at his table. Jack asks where Carrie is. Austin tells him Carrie is in love with someone else. #days

Kate makes fun of EJ's lame attempt at an inauguration speech. Kate asks if Johnny wrote it. #days

EJ says he's lost without Nicole. Kate said Nicole could be replaced with a blow up doll sprayed with cheap perfume. #days

St. Raphael, patron saint of EJ's baby mamas called Daniel to check on Nicole after she passed out. #days

Gabi shows Chad their first ad in a magazine. Abby tells Mel that she's meant to be with Austin. #days

Jack offers to be there for Austin if he needs him. #days

Dan tells Rafe that Nic is dehydrated. Well that's what happens when your entire liquid intake is martinis, then u have to quit drinking.

Abby admits that Austin isn't into her right now. Abby tells Mel not to tell Austin that she never had sex with him. #days

Jack complains that Abby hasn't been herself since she broke up with a guy. Jack wants info from Austin about the guy. #days

Austin seems genuinely scared of Jack's anger towards Abby's mystery man. lol Jack wants the guy to pay for breaking Abby's heart. #days

"You're a DiMera, and DiMeras don't sulk," says Kate to EJ. EJ wishes he was honest with Nicole. #days

Daniel tells Nicole that she needs someone to stay with her. She's hooked up to an iv. #days

Chad is in shock over the ad. The name of the mag is "Sophisticate." Is that a Kiriakis mag or from Another World? Can't remember. #days

Jack tells Kayla and Austin he's going to write a book about his experience in Afghanistan. Austin has to get published 5 times. #days

Mel talks Abby back into confessing to Austin. Kate tells EJ his kids will spend more time at the DiMansion. #days

Nicole thanks Daniel for treating her again. Nic plans her sleepover with Rafe. lol Nic and Rafe again talk about EJ. #days

Rafe says he still has feelings for Sami, but will not take her back. EJ's concerned that Kate will make things worse. #days

Nicole calls Rafe a "saint." Rafe tells Nic he kissed Carrie before he found out Sami cheated. Nic asks if he's in love w Carrie too.

Mel and Dan at the Horton Sq couch. Kate overhears them and joins in. #days

Nic's in her pj's. She wants to play truth or dare with Rafe. He dares her to go to sleep. She thanks him for helping her. #days

Gabi tells Chad she works so hard so she doesn't have to struggle like her mom does. #days

Abby sees Austin at the Pub. He's looking to escape. lol Abby starts talking to him when Jack walks over. #days

EJ walks into Nicole's hotel room. #days

Abby tries to get rid of her dad, Austin wants him to stay. Kayla gets a call that Bo might be waking up. She asks Austin to close. #days

So, they put @MuldoonPatrick in charge of the Brady Pub today? That sounds like trouble. lol

Kate doesn't want Daniel near Billie. Mel calls Chad. He tells her about the ad. #days

EJ accuses Rafe and Nicole of having an affair. EJ calls her a "whore" and a "bitch." Rafe punches him again. #days

Chad plans a date with Mel over the phone. Gabi plants her earring in Chad's bed. #days

Even Kate can't keep straight who Daniel saw first, her or Chelsea. lol #days

Abby leaves w/o talking to Austin. EJ has a new wound on top of the old one. EJ insults Nic on the way out. She throws a glass of water.

Days actors at LGBT Out fest


Days of our Lives actors Alison Sweeney, Chandler Massey, Deidre Hall, Bryan Dattilo, and Lauren Koslow will be at an event in Los Angeles on March 29th to discuss Will's coming out story. You can get all the details here.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's "platonic work out buddies" tweets


Very cute dialogue during Monday's episode of Days of our Lives. I think I could like Billie with Daniel. Nice to finally see the Carvers again. Poor Rafe comes to the rescue of another pregnant damsel in distress. Lumi is back to their ususal bickering. lol Here are today's tweets.

Billie walks into the spa and see Daniel working out practically in the lobby. #days

The Carvers at the Pub. Abe gets Lexie a coffee. #days

Nicole rubbing her baby bump in her hotel room. Rafe knocks on the door. #days

Lucas drops by Sami's office. Lucas offers to help her find the mole. #days

Billie still hasn't been able to reach Hope. Billie wants to know if Bo really has a chance of recovery. Dan asks if Bilbo is over. #days

Billie says Bilbo is over. Abe and Lexie discuss the election. Abe wants Lexie and Theo back. He misses them. #days

Nicole and Rafe discuss EJ winning the election. Rafe tells Nic she looks stressed. Rafe's takeout makes Nic nauseous. #days

Sami tells Lucas to "leave her the hell alone" while he's looking through the mole stuff. #days

Marlena told Lexie to tell Theo the truth. Theo's confused by what Abe did. Theo doesn't want to see Abe. #days

Lucas tells Sami that he tried to get Will to quit working with EJ. Lucas said Will was speeding a little in his new car. #days

Rafe says Nicole doesn't have a fever. Rafe says he hasn't seen the kids. Nic wants him to move the food. He asks if she's pregnant. #days

Billie's punching a punching bag. She's got guns! Daniel offers to teach her foot work. Billie sucker punches him. lol #days

Rafe asks Nic 2 tell him it's not EJ's baby. Nic says "what kind of a girl do you think I am?" #days

Nicole tells Rafe that she and the baby are fine. She doesn't want EJ to know about it. #days

Lucas can't find anything about the mole. He tries to look up ip's on Sami's computer. Sami admits she's the mole. #days

ally smith ‏ @allysm
@DivaofDOOL Lucas: Ah. Did you become the mole so you could meet Anderson Cooper? Sami: No...well okay..maybe.

Apparently Marlena is counseling everyone off screen. Abe tells Lexie he talked to her too. Abe tells Lexie to "keep the faith." #days

Nicole tells Rafe she doesn't know what she'll do if she miscarries again. #days Very touching scenes.

Sami explains Lucas the whole story of her being the mole. Lucas says he has a headache, and his head is spinning because of her. lol #days

Daniel's ok after Billie's punch. Daniel checks on her hand. Billie starts getting warm fuzzies over Dr. Dan. #days

Sami says she's tired of the "Sami bashing". Lucas is not done with the Sami bashing. Sami starts Lucas bashing. #days

Sami says they need to make sure Kate doesn't find out she's the mole #days

Rafe wants Nicole to take care of herself. Rafe wants her to call Daniel when she gets sick again. #days

Billie recounts Daniel's tendency to fall in love with patients. She apologizes for belittling his relationship with Jennifer. #days

Abe vows to win back Lexie's trust. She leaves. #days

Billie and Daniel decide to be platonic work out buddies. lol #days

Lucas warns Sami that the truth always comes out. Nicole passes out into Rafe's arms. #days

Diva's 79th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback!


The Diva's 79th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback/download. Listen as the Diva tells you about seeing Bryan Dattilo in Pittsburgh on St. Patrick's Day.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ratings, all soaps down


Days of our Lives remains in 3rd place. You can read all the details at Soap Opera Network.

Bryan Dattilo in Pittsburgh pics


Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the Cranberry Township Giant Eagle. My friend texted me that the time for Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton, Days of our Lives) was 4 to 6 pm instead of 2 to 4. She even called the grocery store that told her the time was 4 to 6. Anyway, I showed up at 3:30, and the time for him really was 2 to 4. It ends well, I got to speak with Bryan a bit and take a pic. We did discuss having Bryan as a guest on our blogtalkradio show. We'll have further details on that this week.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mark Hapka cast in movie


Ex Days of our Lives actor, Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) got cast in a movie as a college football player. You can read the rest of the details at Soaps She Knows.