Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's "deja vu" tweets


Super boring episode of Days of our Lives today. But we do get to see Bryan Dattilo for a whopping two seconds.

Madison shows up at the K-Mansion to see Brady. #days

Kate's wondering where Stefano is. Ian shows up at her door. He says its a business meeting. #days

Sami meets Will at the Horton Sq. She is trying to figure out what is going on with him. #days

While Hope is dressing, John enters the room. Wow, we actually get a newish looking hotel room set. #days

Sami is sincerely trying to reconnect with Will. #days Ian tells Kate he has info about her company.

Jope filed their divorce papers and had to turn over their passports. They are being watched outside a restaurant. #days

Will tells Sami that he's really messed up. #days Madison tells Brady she still loves him.

Ian tells Kate the truth about why Sami is working for her. Sami's spying on Kate for Madison. #days

John remembers that Hope used to order a lobster cob salad. John's getting deja vu. So are the #days fans. lol

Sami tells Will she's there for him if he needs her. Then she complains how she's blamed when something is wrong with Will. #days

Will pulls away from his mom, and accuses her of making everything about her. #days

Ian taunts Kate that Madison and Sami pulled a fast one on her. #days Madison tells Brady she asked for a divorce.

Hope remembers an angel in a church there. She leaves. John meets Spencer. #days

Kate asks Ian what is in it for him to tell her about Sami being a mole. Good question. #days

Madison still is trying to convince Brady to reconcile with her. Sami fails to reconcile with Will. #days

John is not happy that he's been out of the loop in regards to the ISA investigation Stefano. #Days

Sami shows up at the DiMansion. Brady turns Madison down to be her other man. #days

Will runs into Ian. Ian knows who he is. #days Kate tells Sami there's a spy at Countess W.

Hope rejoins John. #days

Kate wants Sami to catch the mole. Kate threatens to go to the police with the info. #days

Madison leaves the K-Mansion in tears. Sami calls Lucas! He looks super yummy! #days

One of the ISA agents gets stabbed with a syringe at the restaurant. lame #days

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  1. Sami and Will scenes were great..if Lucas is again a lecturing self-righteous asshat..well this show is really hopeless..and i don't find yummy, to each his own i guess..