Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's "void" tweets


Pretty good eppy. Here are today's tweets.

The shizzle is hitting the fan in Salem today. #days

Love @KateMansi 's dress today. #days

Hope finds out that she is married to John. Yeah, I'm not impressed by this turn of events. #days

Austin is upset with Carrie's feelings towards Rafe. #days Her denials aren't working.

Meanwhile, Sami's throwing things at the Safe loft. #days

Bradison discuss the "L" word. #days

J&M snuggle on their awesome chaise. I want one so bad. #days

Hope and Bo discuss the Jope marriage certificate. #days

Rafe complains that Safe hasn't been connecting lately. Sami denies it. #days

Rafe says that Sami seems "desperate" to fix their marriage. He pinpoints the time when Johnny went missing. #days

Carrie calls Marlena. Marlena offers to come to Carrie's office. #days

Austin has a very good reason to drink: to get drunk! lol #days Austin shows up loaded to his office.

Drunken co-eds are one thing on a college campus, drunken hot professors are another. lol #days

Rafe is trying to figure out the void between Safe. That void is called, "EJ." #days

Austin drunkenly tells Abby that Carrie has feelings for another man. #days

Carrie gives Marlena all the dirty details. Marlena tells her that she did nothing wrong. huh? #days

Sami tells Rafe he needs to live with guilt like the rest of us. Sami's a pro at it. #days

Psst. Brady. Segueways are not sexy. Get a motorcycle dude. #days

Bope shows up at John's to ruin his day. #days

Carrie tells Marlena she loves Austin, but her feelings for Rafe crept up on her. #days

Funny how Rafe doesn't admit to any feelings for Carrie. He wants to stay with Sami if she'll have him. #days

Bope gives John the marriage certificate. #days

So...John ruined Bope's, Caustin's, and Safe's marriages in one day? Give me a break. #days

Abby kisses Austin. #days

Boy is Rafe going to be pissed when he finds out about Ejami sex, and that Sami didn't confess today about it.

Jope thinks they'll just get annuled and move on. Bo thinks it is going to be a lot more complicated than that. #days

Austin tells Abby "no" to the kissing. She tells him its ok, and they exchange more kisses. #days

Rafe tells Sami he loves her before he leaves. Sami cries behind a large plant. #days

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