Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's "hot mess" tweets


Loved seeing drunken Abe.

With Kate not in her room, Madison's anti Ian again. He enters her hotel room. #days

Abe is drunk at the Pub with Jenn. Kayla's tending bar. Kay asks for Bo's help with Abe. #days

E.J. is outside the Pub on his phone. Nicole insists she cannot be pregnant to Daniel. #days

Ian tells Madison that he has her back. Madison's mad that he told her not to take the CEO of Titan's job. #days

Daniel asks if Nicole doubts her pregnancy because of EJ. EJ continues to leave voice mails to her. #days

In thirty years, we've never seen drunken Abe! #days Kayla tries to get EJ to leave the Pub. Abe is not happy to see him. #days

Bo is really restraining Abe from beating up EJ. Go get him tiger! lol #days

Ian doesn't believe that Madison is upset about losing the Titan job. She asks him to let her go. #days

EJ tells Abe that he's happy that Lexie saw Abe for the man he is. He winks, and leaves. #days

Abe should have had Kayla be his campaign manager instead of Jen. Kayla schools Jen on what a smear campaign is. #days

Abe should have had Kayla be his campaign manager instead of Jen. Kayla schools Jen on what a smear campaign is. #days

EJ finds out Nicole is at the hospital. Nicole insists EJ has nothing to do with her doubting her pregnancy. #days

Daniel offers to run another test if Nicole will relax and breathe. #days Nicole's afraid of another miscarriage.

EJ walks into Nicole's room. She tells him she's there because of what he did to her. You can say that again. #days

Abe confesses to Bo about switching the debate questions. Abe's told 2 cops knowing full well neither will squeal on him. #days

I don't like seeing Abe down like this, but we all hit bottom in our lives. #days Gives Jim Reynolds good stuff to play finally.

Jen sees Daniel at the hospital. Ian tells Madison she wants a divorce because of Brady. #days

Nicole tells EJ she passed out because the Ejami sex bomb made her sick. Nicole says she can never trust him again. #days

"Brady is my soulmate," says Madison. Man, I really detest the word "soulmate." #days

Daniel asks how things are going with Jack. Kayla, Bo and Abe talk about Stefano manipulating Jope. #days

EJ tells Nicole he should have told her sooner. She said she would have left then. Nicole says they are through. #days

Jen tells Dan that Jack told her that he's not good for her. She said it hurt, but she agrees. Dan wants to go back to work. #days

EJ doesn't accept that Ejole is over. He wants them back together. Nicole cries while cradling her belly. #days

Jen asks Dan if he's ok. He says he is, she leaves. #days

Kayla and Bo talk about Bo having to work for EJ. Kayla tries to cheer Bo and Abe up. #days

Nicole wants EJ out of her room. Dan announces he has her test results. #days

Ian tells Madison that he loved her once like she loves Brady. He won't let her go. He doesn't let go of his "acquisitions." #days

Ian tells Madison to clean up, and calls her a "hot mess." #days

Oh no. Bo has an idea. #days

Missed the last few minutes of #days. Did I miss anything good?

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