Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's "domestic pursuits" tweets


Here are today's tweets while I was watching Days of our Lives today.

omg...Kate sounds like my mom. She tells Stefano he's going to ruin his eyes playing chess in the dark. #days

Kate reminds Stefano all the hell J&M and Bope are going to be under because of the Jope marriage. #days

J&M and Bope waiting to hear from Carrie about ending the Jope marriage. #days

Madison leaves a voice mail to someone. Brady shows up looking super hot with roses. #days

Ejole working in their bedroom. EJ's in a foul mood. #days

EJ doesn't want to talk politics anymore. He's interested in "domestic pursuits." #days

Brady made dinner reservations. Bradison starts kissing. I hate this couple. lol #days

Kate tells Stefano that she's happy she hired Sami. #days

Jope wanted to meet Stefano, Marlena thinks they should all go together. #days

Kate offers to pop some popcorn when Bope & J&M show up. Stefano asks why Jope kept their marriage a secret. lol #days

Ejole in the afterglow. EJ tells Nicole how lucky he is to have her. #days

Madison puts on a grey dress. Is grey in this year? Austin's wearing a lot of grey too. #days

I don't understand why #days constantly shoots love scenes from behind a plant? This has been going on for years. It's weird.

Brady has their table nicely decorated at the Horton Sq. I would have preferred to see Chez Rouge. jmho #days

Brady tells Madison he has something to ask her. #days

Stefano keeps taunting his four pawns. Stefano keeps this dumb storyline somewhat interesting. #days

Brady proposes to Madison after knowing each other a whopping 6 months. He's had a lot of practice. #days

JMHO, do not propose to a woman that you have never discussed marriage with. #days

EJole witness the Bradison proposal. Bradison hugs with no proposal acceptance. Brady looks confused. #days

Bo asks what Stefano has to gain with the Jope marriage. Kate asks if they are going to write their own marriage vows. #days

EJ asks Nicole if the Bradison proposal upsets her. Nicole denies it. uh huh #days

Stefano plays the sub sex card again. You can never play it too many times. lol #days

EJ congratulates Bradison. Brady wants an answer to his proposal. J&M and Bope decide to leave the DiMansion. #days

Brady tells Madison to take her time to make up her mind. Seriously Brady, you really messed up this time. #days

Marlena starts taunting Stefano about his envelope. The 4 pawns finally leave. #days

Stefano tells Kate that the attempted annulment is just the beginning. #days

Just noticed that the outside of Madison's door looks like the outside of J&M's place. #days

Brady turns down sex for the first time ever. lol #days

Bo realizes that going to Stefano's to confront him is a bad idea finally. John gets a call, says things aren't going to be easy. #days

Stefano's tortured by the envelope. #days

Ian was hiding in Madison's room. He tells her he was waiting for her. Now this looks awesome. #days

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