Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's beer pong tweets


Here are Thursday's live tweets while watching Days of our Lives. I wasn't impressed with Galen Gering's portrayal of Rafe finding out about EJami sex. He didn't seem upset and hurt enough for my liking.

Ejole come back to the DiMansion from their victory celebration. EJ has dinner by the fire ready to go. #days

Nicole forgot their 1 year anniversary. Can't say I blame her for forgetting about her 2nd wedding w EJ and Taylor. #days

Alamania refuses to give visas to Bo and Marlena. Good call on Alamania's part. lol #days

Will tells Marlena to stop making excuses for Sami's mistakes. Marlena wants Sami to confess to Rafe. #days

Don't forget to listen to our blogtalkradio interview with Beverly Todd! She will be playing Celeste on #days.

Sami accuses Marlena of turning Will against her so she can mother him herself. Oh, ok. Sure. #days

Bo wants to break into the DiMansion to look for the envelope. Oh please. We all know that envelope is in the desk in the living room. lol

Nicole pats herself on the back for being a good campaign manager. EJ talks about running for higher office. #EJforPrez2016 !

Will tells Sonny that he has to keep something a secret to protect his family. Sonny pries anyway. #days

Sonny says coming out brought his family together. Will says the secret is about his mom, not him. uh huh. lol #days

EJole decides to have sex on the floor instead of the super stained couch. Good call. #days

Hope says that Stefano must have a bigger plan for them in store. Someone's using their noodle. #days

Sami almost calls Rafe. But decides to keep her mouth shut. #days

Will drops the Ejami sex bomb on Sonny. Rafe overhears at the Pub. #days

Can we please get rid of the "sometimes my period is not awesome" commercial? Please? #days

Bo tells the gang how dangerous Alamania is. Like Salem is any safer. Horton the Tiger is still on the loose! #days

Nicole offers to rip up the EJole divorce papers. might want to hang on to those Nicole. #days

Sonny asks Will to go to a club with him. He agrees. #days

Rafe bangs on Safe's door. Sami opens it. Rafe asks how she could sleep with EJ? I hope Rafe gets angrier later. #days

Sami tells Rafe that sleeping with EJ was the biggest mistake of her life. This Safe fight is very underwhelming. I'm disappointed. #days

Why is there underage drinking going on at the Horton Square? I thought it was a family friendly? #days

Marlena tells John he has to call her three times a day. Yeah, guys don't like those kind of demands. lol #days

So what is the national slogan for Alamainia? "In Vivian we trust?" #days

Rafe doesn't have the right to bring up Sami's lying past when he looked past it their entire relationship #days

EJ gets on 1 knee 2 give Nicole a new ring. If EJole keeps breaking up and getting back together Nic will have a ring for all her fingers.

Will and his beer pong buddy roughly kiss underneath the bridge at Horton Square. #days

Oh now, Sami wants to work things out with Rafe. She accuses him of breaking up their family. Seriously? #days

Rafe leaves Sami's. Where has he been staying the night? #days

Bope and J&M finally say their goodbyes to their spouses. #days Sonny spies Will and Neil tongue joisting.

Sami calls EJ, but he's too busy proposing to Nicole again. Rafe's outside banging on the door. #days

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