Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Patrick Muldoon's twitter Q&A


Last week, Days of our Lives actor, Patrick Muldoon answered questions from tweeters. Feel free to email me any other actor Q&A's, and I will put them up.

@carrieandaustin. I punched lucas???

Thanx for questions tweet posse!!! Thanx Sabine!!! @TeamMuldoon I'm on side of the road!! LOL xooxox

"@allysm: @MuldoonPatrick @Bryan_Dattilo Ah.. You boys BOTH need to come to visit Toronto. :)" sure!!!

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick Would you consider being in a web series?" Of course!!

"@allysm: Have you both shared scenes with @Bryan_Dattilo?" BD is one of the funniest cats ever.. Had me in stiches the other day

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick What current primetime show would you like to guest star on?" Gossip girl

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick ok last hubby wants to know if he should be threatend by u.l" not unless u guys live in salem!

carrieandaustin: @MuldoonPatrick Much like the Promise Ring scene in 1994, it was a Holy Grail. :)" is it??? Is it on youtube?

"@FuiTing90: @MuldoonPatrick What is your favourite food? xo" I love BBQ anything and my mother makes a mean mostaccioli bolognese...

"@dawndemeo: @MuldoonPatrick @TeamMuldoon Favorite vacation destination?!?!?" I dig Paris

@allysm ... @KateMansi is awesome love working w her

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick If you could put the perfect woman together what would she consist of? :)" not touchin that one LOL

@carrieandaustin Tracy is great actress and was totally cool... The role of Carrie kinda "is" Christie Clark though u know?

@Chirpster4Brian. I watch myself on the show kind of like athlete watches tape.2 see ways I can improve And scenes I'm not in to see ...

@Chirpster4Brian and I watch scenes I'm. Not in to see what the heck is going on around town.. I'm a fan of my co-stars

@Pam72210 I'm william patrick muldoon the THIRD!!

"@SusieTVaddict: @MuldoonPatrick @iGeekSara that is adorable! Did you hit jukeboxes to get them to magically work, too?" Never wrked 4 me: )

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick my hubby wants to know what is your greatest flaw:)" hmmmm "impulsiveness" and I can think myself to death

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick What's your favmovie?" Is it too cliche to say "The Godfather" ??? Is it too feminine to say "The Notebook"?: )

"@Chirpster4Brian: @MuldoonPatrick What are 3 words that best describe you?" Yikes!! Uh.. Faithful, Adrenalized, Caffinated

"@Lisaday71: @MuldoonPatrick how long are you staying in Salem?" Till we make it no. 1 !!!

"@iGeekSara: @MuldoonPatrick what show did you grew up watching" was I was a little kid I loved- Happy Days- thought I was fonzi

"@mdoubleb: @MuldoonPatrick Who is your celebrity crush?" I had a massive jennifer aniston crush for a while... Don't tell kiriakus : )

@mdoubleb probably jen and julia roberts my celeb crushes... I get new crushes every day haha

"@missbrotherton9: @muldoonpatrick will do got new phone check it out who influence u to b actor?"- Marlon Brando- early Mickey Roarke

@missbrotherton9. cary grant too I have eclectic taste.. Brando.I saw "on the waterfront" when I was 18 and said " I want to do that!! "

"@2974shopping: @TeamMuldoon @MuldoonPatrick what workout regimen do u do 2 look so good" u r sweet.. I do a lot of jump rope and push ups..

@2974shopping .. Jump rope u can do anywhere.. I do it for 30 min straight and I'm done : )

"@jen_a_domaholic: @MuldoonPatrick when u coming back to Nashville & would u consider doing a fan event here?" Mite b going nash 2mrw!

@jen_a_domaholic ... The next full week ill be out there is in a month and yes love to do a fan event!!

@2974shopping: @TeamMuldoon @MuldoonPatrick are u a dad off #Days" nope... Not married no kids... Yet : )

"@SusieTVaddict: @MuldoonPatrick when are you coming to NYC? And while we're on the subject, Mets or Yankees??" YANKEES!! I miss nyc!!

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick my ex loves #starshiptroopers should i still love it as well? lol" troopers u should love .. Yes of course!!

@iGeekSara .. I hope they do more bromance stuff!! Sean,eric,matt love it when they give us those scenes

@missbrotherton9 ... Dwts? Never thought bout it! My music video is on youtube.. W my band- the sleeping masses- check it out!

@carrieandaustin .. Yeah @Christie__Clark has a deadly right hook ... She will use it on the show pretty soon I can't say to who or why: )

"@FuiTing90: @MuldoonPatrick Patrick, will you pay a visit to Asia for Vacation? xo" I would looove to .. Is that where u are?

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick @TeamMuldoon boxers or briefs??? lol" depends on my mood and temperature outside : )

@SusieTVaddict. Yeah.. I'm proud that I broke up zack and kelly.. I think ultimately it made their relationship stronger : )

Favorite sound? My niece halo's laugh... Worst sound... I hate ambulance sirens

"@BusytreeRick: @MuldoonPatrick @TeamMuldoon are you still on days" uh yeahp still on days : )

"@FuiTing90: @MuldoonPatrick First Question, why do you want to be an actor? xo" not much choice.. That and songwriting only things Iknow: )

"@TeamMuldoon: @MuldoonPatrick I'll kick things off with this ? What's your music guilty pleasure? ;-)" guilty pleasure 80s hair metalbands

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