Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's "What da hell!" tweets


Rare Roman sighting. Here are today's tweets.

Austin asks Carrie to move back to Zurich. #days They kiss. Abby watches.

Melanie spies Abby crying outside the Pub. #days

Rafe asks Will what else is going on with Sami. #days

Bo asks Roman for time off so Hope can divorced from John. #days

Brady meets Madison's husband, Ian. #days

Brady asks Madison if she's married. #days

Abby tells Mel she saw her mystery man kissing his wife. #days Carrie and Austin go back to their hotel room.

Finally. Will tells Rafe that Sami was the one stealing men from Carrie, not vice versa. #days

Abby lies and tells Mel she slept with her mystery married man. #days

Roman has Bo interrogate a criminal on their most wanted list. #days

The perp rolls on crime boss Marone. #days

Austin and Carrie kiss. Abby spills the beans that her mystery man is Austin. #days

The store owner who called the police on the perp changed his mind. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I don't care. #days

Mel keeps trying to talk sense into Abby. In the meantime, Austin and Carrie hit first base. #days

Rafe and Will leave the Pub to go to the police station. Ian asks Madison if Brady is her lover. #days

Bo asks Rafe why he is no longer working with Carrie. Roman tells Will that if Sonny has problems with his business to call him. #days

Mel breaks out the "heartbreak" ice cream for Abby. #days

Carrie isn't ready for sex with Austin. She hasn't been ready for months really. Austin feels guilty about being with Abby. #days

Rafe accidentally confesses in front of Roman that he kissed Carrie. Roman uses his catch phrase, "What da hell!" lol #days

Roman rips Rafe a new one. Carrie and Austin are still far apart. Abby tells Mel she still wants Austin. #days

Brady runs off when Madison confirms Ian is her husband. #days

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