Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's "please stop talking" tweets


Pretty good eppy today. Killer acting by Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, and Arianne Zucker

I'm a little late. Daniel is with Nicole at the Horton Sq. #days

Rafe drops the Ejami sex bomb on Carrie. He throws a box in disgust. #days

Carrie says she understands Sami's grief sex. I'm sure she's filing that in her head to use when she cheats on Austin again. #days

Marlena denies dropping the bomb, so does Will. Marlena thinks they can work it out. Sami says Marlena is hurting everyone. #days

Daniel is lending an ear to Nicole and her problems. Nicole passes out in his arms, thus the beginning of "Dickhole" = Nicole & Daniel.

Rafe blames himself for his marriage ending. Carrie puts her hands on his arm, and said it's not his fault. #days

Will defends Marlena. Will points out that Marlena didn't make Sami have sex with EJ. #days

Will wants to leave. Marlena wants him to stay to finish their conversation. Sami tells him not to trust Marlena. #days

Marlena tells Sami to "please stop talking." lmfao #days Will leaves.

Nicole's in a hospital room with Dan. He ran tests on her. Nicole stops him from calling EJ. Nicole doesn't want anyone called. #days

Rafe tells Carrie he shouldn't have told his marital problems to her. Duh. Rafe's finally getting pissed off at what Sami did. #days

Carrie has Rafe leave with her. #days

Marlena tells Sami to stop being self absorbed for once. lol Good luck on that. #days

Will tells Sonny about telling Marlena about kissing a guy. Then Sami came in and made everything about her. #days

awww Will starts crying and says he has no family anymore. #days

Daniel asks Nicole to vent to him. She tells him that EJ made her fall for her, then betrayed her in the worst way. #days

Carrie recounts the Caroline/Victor affair to Rafe. One of the best #days storylines ever.

Funny how Carrie is encouraging Rafe to work things out with Sami, yet she doesn't really try that hard to save her own marriage. #days

Will denies being gay after kissing a guy. Yeah, Sonny can't believe it either. lol #days

Marlena reminds Sami that Will used to live with Carrie and Austin in Switzerland. Wow. Sami has bags under her eyes. #days

Nicole tells Daniel about EJ cheating on her again. Dan thinks she's being too hard on herself. She hates EJ, and starts freaking out.

Marlena won't tell Sami what is up with Will. Sami needs to talk to him herself. #days

Will doesn't know what to do with his feelings or where to start. #Days

Dan offers to call Brady. She says she doesn't need anyone, she's on her own. #days

Rafe asks how Caustin is doing. She tells him about the romantic getaway. #days

Will tells Sonny that his family won't be understanding of him. #days

Marlena tells Sami to put her family back together. Sami disowns Marlena. #days

Carrie asks Rafe if he move past Sami's cheating. He doesn't know. #days

Daniel tells Nicole that she's pregnant. She laughs it off at first, then it hits her. #days


  1. Ari Zucker killed it really Diva ?
    The Nicole 'woe is me' story is already tiring...Moving on..boring and her being pregnant again ? Seriously ? So all this freaking baby switch story that Days had going on for at least TWO freaking YEARS was for nothing ? And her so called redeem qualities because the poor Nicole could not have children was total BS ? How do you want to watch a show so inconsistent like that, even for a depth, no character driven storytelling..just plot plot and plot again.. They could at least had written a story about adoption or in-vitro whatever something NEW and with a character who has NO children, Ej has already two children..Brady nothing..where is the potential in all this boring mess ? Pathetic writing it is, and i don't feel for Nicole at all, it is a failure writers, a big failure !
    Otherwise yeah the Will/Sonny scenes were awesome, only saving grace and i like the Marlena/Sami complex story but they had to stop making Sami so selfish and childish, she can shows her rage, guilt, resentment, low self-esteem in a more subtle way, she is not a child anymore, she can be more thoughful for pete's sake..and it is the writing's fault, Sweeney can be pretty good and has the charisma to carry a pretty complex, tortured, self-destructive character.

  2. Ah and the Nicole 'he made me fall in love with him': RIDICULOUS !
    The girl could have been with Brady and not coming back for more sex with a guy who did not care what'so ever about her, who tried to kill her more than once, wanted her to spend all her life in jail, who was quite abusive during the first 'marriage', who cheated on her with her own sister, who is responsible of her mother's murder and above all who loved another woman 10000000000000000000000000x more than her and even started a relationship with her to make this same woman jealous..ect..i am sure i forget lot's of other 'beautiful' things about this 'loving' relationship !!
    Pathetic is the middle name for the Nicole character, she needs therapy not another 'baaaaabbbbbbbbyyyy'. I am not sorry for her at all, i just find her pitiful.

  3. So Nicole having a "woe is me" moment is bad, but ok when Sami has one in the same eppy? Nicole should have known better than to get back with EJ. That was dumb. She knows it too, and admitted she never should have gotten back with him to Daniel. Both EJ and Sami should never have any more children. I'm ok with Nicole having one even though it is EJ's I would have preferred it to Brady's who is 40 with no kids.

    Sami is selfish and childish, has been since day 1. I wish she would grow up already. When you are in your mid 30s with 4 kids none of which were conceived in wedlock, it's time to stop blaming your mom for everything.

  4. I see major differences between Sami and Nicole at this state.
    First Sami is actually more than called out by her family (mostly Will and Marlena) about her reckless, selfish and quite self-pity behaviour, they spend almost all their time telling her how she 'sucks' ! Did you watch Will these last months ?..All his story is about trashing his mother and his struggle sexuality and these both issues are quite mixed up, i don't complain it makes good soap drama and quite rich soap storytelling, but it is what it is Sami is called out.
    Nicole situation is totally another say the least, Daniel and i am sure others (and Ej pathetically grovels right now whereas few months ago he wanted her to go far far far away..nonsense, bad writing imo and destruction of the Ej character by the way) are sorry for poor Nicole, cheer her up ect..
    Add to that the Sami story is a complex family oriented with rich history and quite deep character psychology (i mean for a soap opera with quite bad writing in any circumstances, get real..) whereas Nicole story with 'miracle pregnancy' is soap opera plot cliche with secondary characters who had already been told two years imo that makes quite a DIFFERENCE.